Dreaming about hypnosis? What does it mean to dream about hypnosis? Is it good to dream about hypnosis?

What does it mean to dream about hypnosis? Is it good to dream about hypnosis? Dream hypnosis has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination. Please read the detailed explanation of dream hypnosis compiled by www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com below.

Hypnosis is when people give a suggestion to other people or animals, and let this suggestion replace or activate a certain consciousness of others. In dreams, hypnosis often represents the funny for control.

Dreaming that you are hypnotized suggests that you have a mentality of escaping from reality, or reminds you not to hold on to past mistakes and cause many new disputes.

Dreaming that you hypnotize a stranger of the different in nature and violate him indicates that you will be very attracted to the different in nature.

Dreaming about being hypnotized indicates that you will suffer various setbacks and your career will be very difficult.

Dreaming about hypnotizing a friend to extract information indicates that you will be betrayed by your friend.

Case analysis of dream hypnosisDream description: The night before yesterday, I dreamed that there was a strong wind blowing on the street. It was so strong that people on the street (including me) could hardly open their eyes. , everyone grabbed big trees, telephone poles, etc., and then woke up from the dream. As a result, I caught a cold during the day. Last night, I dreamed that my brother (cousin) was hypnotizing me. I was lying on the bed, and then his hand was about five centimeters away from my back, scanning back and forth from my head to my faceocks, back and forth, and then my back. My back was very numb, and I felt numb. Later I broke away from his hypnosis, and then I couldn't remember it anymore! Can anyone with knowledge help me answer this question? I'm very concerned about it! Thank you!

Dream analysis: Dreaming about hypnosis is a way of communication from your subconscious to you, which is called suggestion in hypnotism. Because the subconscious mind cannot tell you anything through words, it will show you things through non-verbal means. For example, dreams, habits, and winking. . . Think about what it tells you in relation to your life. No matter what, you should believe that your subconscious mind is much smarter than your conscious mind, and you should trust your subconscious mind. I can only guess at the situation of your first dream. "There is a strong wind, a very strong wind" refers to the overload of everyone's work pressure. "Everyone is holding on to big trees, telephone poles and the like." "" is to remind you that you should find a handrail or shelter from the wind that can allow you to stand firm. Otherwise it will just give you a cold. Because you didn't find them. . Subliminal training reminds you to make changes in the way of catching a cold.