Dreaming about Husband's Penis-Top 11 Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of your husband’s private parts: someone who needs your help appears around you. Before extending a helping hand, make sure whether he really needs help. Otherwise, the final ending will make you quite angry.

Dreaming of your husband’s penis: something happy will happen to you recently. You will likely meet an old friend you miss very much on the street. You will have a very happy chat.

A business person dreams of her husband’s private office: It means that under your hard work, you will eventually make a profit.

An office worker dreams of her husband’s penis: There will be more opportunities for discussion and communication at work, and it is hoped that you will learn a lot of experience from it, but you will also show offensive attitudes.

A pregnant woman dreams of her husband’s penis: It indicates that you will give birth to a boy, and you should take care of yourself.

The middle-aged person dreamed of her husband’s penis owner: Your luck is very bad. Only by reducing entertainment activities can you pass this time safely.

The tourist dreamed of her husband’s penis: a very pleasant journey, I wish you a good time.

Dreaming of husband’s erection: There is a shadow in health. The possibility of recurrence of the old disease is very high, especially for people with the allergic constitution, or people who have suffered from nephritis, so be careful.

A woman dreams of her husband’s erection: Your luck is good, but you should be more humble. You have to watch out for fires recently.

The graduate dreamed of her husband’s penis erection: Your job-hunting attitude is pragmatic, and you can often get good results if you choose according to your goals. But there may be acts of bribery.

A single person dreams of an erection of the husband's penis: there will be good luck.