Dreaming about having fun with relatives? What does it mean to dream about having fun with relatives? Is it bad to dream about having fun with relatives?

What does it mean to dream about having fun with your loved ones? Is it bad to dream about having fun with relatives? Dreaming about having fun with loved ones has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination. Please read the detailed explanation of dreaming about having fun with loved ones compiled by www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com below.

Dreaming about having fun with relatives

Dreaming about having fun implies that your emotions or funny funny are suppressed, or that you are very energetic and creative. If you feel comfortable having fun in the dream, it means that the dreamer is physically and mentally healthy. If you feel unwell, It implies that there may be some problems with the body.

Dreaming about having fun with parents or other relatives is believed by psychoanalytic theory to be a psychological reflection of the dreamer's "incest" funny. However, psychologists' research shows that "incest funny funny rarely appears in dreams. On the contrary, incest funny funny rarely appears in dreams." It will appear in the form of metaphors and symbols, and such dreams are often reflected in nightmares." The funny object is an elder or elder whom the dreamer respects or admires, which symbolizes ideological communication and resonance.

Case analysis of dreaming about having fun with relatives

Dream description: Hello, I am 16 years old today. I respect my mother very much, and I have never had those thoughts about my mother. But maybe my underwear is tight. I had a fun dream a few nights ago, but the person I was having fun with was my mother. I dreamed that my mother came in while I was taking a shower, touched my face and then reached forward to rub my face, and then we have fun. After I woke up, I found that I had nocturnal emissions. Now I feel very sorry for my mother, and I feel ashamed every time I talk to my mother. How should I adjust it, thank you!

Dream analysis: Having fun in dreams is a normal physiological symbol of adolescence. funny is suppressed and then reflected in dreams. The occurrence of funny dreams is related to the level of sex hormones in the body and funny psychology. With the gradual physical and psychological maturity, both men and women will have funny impulses. This kind of funny impulse is suppressed by reason in the waking state, but when entering dreamland, it is not subject to any restraint, so all kinds of funny dreams appear. For example, funny dreams can take the form of kissing dreams, pregnancy dreams, funny dreams, good things dreams, nude dreams, funny perversion dreams, incest dreams, etc., as well as various other funny behaviors that cannot be performed both mentally and physically when awake. Behavior. Many friends feel ashamed, fearful, self-blame or confused about having such funny dreams. They can't even believe how they could "want" to do such a morally corrupt and absurd bad thing.

Based on the psychoanalytic theory of dream analysis, if the funny object is the parents, then it is the dreamer's "incest"uo;The psychological reflection of funny is called the "Oedipus complex." However, research by psychologists shows that "incestuous funny funnys rarely appear in dreams. Instead, they appear in metaphors and symbols, and such dreams are often manifested in nightmares." This kind of dream usually implies that you have encountered a problem. When there are some small difficulties, such as the pressure of study and work, I hope to be recognized by my parents and other family members, or to have good communication with my parents, and to have spiritual communication with my parents, but it turns into sex in the dream. scene.

But one thing that needs to be made clear is that our funny dreams cannot be controlled or transferred by our own willpower. Sexual dreams are not something that a person can have if he wants to, or suppress them if he wants to. It also does not mean that your character is low, evil and ugly, or your morals are unhealthy. Therefore, if you have friends who have had "incest dreams", there is no need to worry about your "dirty dreams" because fun dreams have nothing to do with character and morality. Of!

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