Dreaming about having fun? What does it mean to dream about having fun? Is it good to dream about having fun?

What does dreaming about sex mean? Is it good to dream about having fun? Dreaming about funny intercourse has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please read the detailed explanation of dreaming about funny intercourse compiled by www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com below.

Everyone has erotic dreams. Dreaming about having fun with different people in different scenes represents various meanings. Try to recall the erotic dreams you have had, and you can find out your inner thoughts.

1. The protagonist is his own funny behavior

 1. Sexual fantasy of having fun with a strange woman

If the person you are having fun with in your dream is not your wife or girlfriend, there is no need to feel guilty or blame yourself; the dream is just a reflection of your funny fantasy, and in real life, you are indeed a law-abiding person. Good man.

 2. Make love with an unattractive woman and appreciate the inner beauty

This is your subconscious mind telling you that you have discovered her advantages in your heart, and you do not like her because of her beautiful appearance. Young men often dream about unattractive women, but as they grow older and mature, such dreams will disappear.

 3. Having fun with others and tense relationships with the different in nature

This type of dream about homofunnyity does not mean that you have homofunny tendencies, but is a kind of psychological comfort for men. It means that your relationship with the different in nature has been tense or distrustful recently, and others can best understand your own thoughts and feelings. emotion. But if you are a homofunny yourself, this is a normal fun dream with no hidden meaning.

 4. Dreaming about the lifestyle of hermaphrodites

Whether you dream that you or someone else is a hermaphrodite, it means that you should restrain yourself from your extravagant and dissolute life.

5. Be wary of words and deeds when dreaming of good things

Regardless of any good things scene, this is a warning to remind you to pay attention to your words and actions, and do not lose the person you love, lose your reputation, or lose the trust of those who are important to you because of your inappropriate behavior. .

6. Incest in dreams requires comfort from relatives

If you dream about having funual relations with relatives of the different in nature or elders, for example, if the funny object is your father or mother, psychoanalytic theory believes that it is a psychological reflection of the dreamer's "incest" funny, which is called the "Oedipus complex" ". However, research by psychologists shows: "Incestuous funny funnys rarely appear in dreams. Instead, they appear in metaphors and symbols, and such dreams are often manifested in nightmares." This kind of dream usually implies that you have encountered When encountering some small difficulties, I hope to be recognized by family members or to communicate well with my family, but in the dream it turns intosex scenes.

Some psychologists also explain based on specific dreams. For example, dreaming about having fun with a married woman means that the dreamer "can be saved"; dreaming about having fun with his mother means that he can "gain a lot of wisdom."

7. Dream about extramarital sex and be careful of new friends

If you dream that you accept extramarital sex, be careful not to trust new friends easily; if you reject it, it means that although you will have some discomfort, it will only be temporary.

8. Dreaming about male genital signal lights

This is a more intuitive prediction, which predicts your attitude towards sex life or emotional life. If you dream of a healthy and normal male genitalia, it means a happy love life. If you dream of an unhealthy funny organ, it is telling you that you have had too much sex or it is a danger signal; If you dream of a strange funny organ, it means that you should take the initiative; if you dream of an exposed straight male genital, it is a danger signal of funny hunger; if you dream of genital pain, it indicates Then you should see a doctor.

9. Dreaming about masturbating alone

Dreaming about funny is a symbol of emotional loneliness. Let go of your own barriers and try to accept others.

2. Dreaming about other people’s funny behavior

If you dreamed about two other people having fun, the meaning of the dream would also depend on whether your reaction was pleasant or not. If your reaction is unpleasant, it means you are suppressing your dissatisfaction with your emotions, and appropriate psychological counseling will help you; if your reaction is pleasant, it means you are satisfied with your current emotions.