Dreaming about hallucinations and asking for answers from the master?

Last night, I dreamed that the scene was a very huge illusion. Almost the sky I could see was covered by it. When I saw it, I thought that these illusions were Athena and Saint Seiya, but visually they looked nothing alike. , I could only see the leader of these huge stone statues clearly at that time, with a very clear and solemn expression. The huge body filled nearly half of the sky. The body was upright, with the right hand raised high. There was a stone pier floating on the right hand, which seemed to be broken. The half stone pillar rolled back and forth on my right hand and the speed was not very fast. Moreover, the light was not very good at the time, and the illusions were particularly bright. The background was the vast starry sky. I was very excited. It might be the only time in my life that I could see such an illusion. , I took out my mobile phone and prepared to take pictures. It turned out that I couldn't take any pictures, and then the illusion disappeared. Please give me some analysis

Duke Zhou’s interpretation of the dream: This dream indicates that you will be successful in your career.