Dreaming about going back to your student days?

Hello, I had a dream last night. I dreamed about my school days. I went to school with my classmates. They were classmates in elementary school. I haven’t seen her for so many years, but I still dream about her every once in a while. It seemed to be raining when I went to school. Later, she said that she would introduce me to someone who was her brother. In fact, she seemed to have no brother. Then she said that she wanted to get engaged, so my mother and father went to his house. Later, because I said that the engagement gift he gave me was Three gold, I remember in my dream it was said that the total of the three items only weighed over two grams. I said it was too small and asked for a bigger one, but they didn’t agree, so we went home because of this. It seems to have blown. My mom and dad were still very angry. I am married and have a daughter. Please explain it sir. Thanks.

 (www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com) Dream Interpretation: Going back to your student days in the dream means that you are dissatisfied with the current life situation in some aspects, so you subconsciously retreat to your own experience in the dream, the past. At a certain time, look for the feeling that is missing in reality. Judging from the theme of the entire dream, this lack may refer to the happiness in family life. There may be some things in your marriage that are not as good as you want. The dream The object in your life is given less gold, which reflects some of your feelings in real life. You feel that you cannot get enough value recognition from the other party. This value recognition does not necessarily refer to money. It is just a sign that appears in the dream. The metaphor is more about emotional self-worth. You hope to get more, that is, you hope that the other person can treat you better and get more warmth and affirmation from the other person, but it does not go well. You can try to communicate with him and express some of your emotions directly to him, and you may gain something.