Dreaming about ghosts?

According to Zhou Gong’s interpretation of dreams:

Dreaming about ghosts - bad things, it is a bad omen and you will encounter danger.

Dreaming about attacking ghosts is a good sign and you can avoid disaster.

To dream of running away as soon as you see a ghost means that your enemy will be conquered by you.

Dreaming about ghosts in the courtyard means that sorrow will disappear.

Medical and psychological explanation:

Perhaps not everyone will encounter supernatural phenomena in reality, but in dreams, almost everyone has encountered ghosts. So, what do ghosts in dreams mean?

Modern psychologists represented by the psychoanalytic school classify ghosts in dreams according to people's psychological and emotional conditions, and believe that the shape of ghosts is the expression of a certain emotion.

Dream Interpretation by Duke Zhou: Dreaming of a female ghost in white:Loneliness and lack of vitality

The characteristics of female ghosts in white are: they are characterized by long flowing hair and look very weak, which represents depression. White symbolizes purity and nobility, but when white is combined with ghosts, it represents the lack of strength and vitality, representing paleness. The white clothes symbolize the feeling of paleness after the blood is drained. Here, blood is a symbol of love and emotion. When a person's love and emotion are gone, she becomes pale. Such female ghosts often appear alone in dreams and are very lonely. Because one of the essential characteristics of depression is loneliness.

Dream Interpretation by Duke Zhou: Dreaming of zombies:Indifferent and numb to feelings

Zombies look bloodless, just like the "living dead" we often call them. In fact, they have become mentally indifferent. Such people have become numb to the entire life, have completely closed off their inner emotions, have no emotional response to the world, and are mechanical to others. The emotions of such people are extremely suppressed, and they become rigid and lose vitality due to the lack of emotion and love.

Dream Interpretation by Duke Zhou: Dreaming of a drowned ghost:Addicted to emotions and unable to extricate oneself

The drowned ghost represents too much emotion, and its image characteristics are wet.

The drowned ghost is like what we often say: it neither beats you nor scolds you, it just tortures you with emotions. There is also a kind of drowned ghost that expresses the longing and entanglement of emotions. If a person is addicted to emotions and cannot extricate himself, then he will drown. He Minghua believes that people who drown are often very emotional people and may die for love. Such people hide in the emotional world and cannot extricate themselves.

Dream Interpretation by Duke Zhou: Dreaming of ghosts:Repressed anger

Li Gui represents suppressed anger. If anger is accumulated for a long time, it willThe appearance of ghosts in dreams or images also expresses the dreamer's unwillingness to accept anger. Fierce ghosts often have two eagle claws, bared teeth, and fierce eyes. People who suffer a lot of frustration are often aggressive, and if this aggression is not satisfied, it will often transform into a ghost in a dream.

Dream Interpretation by Duke Zhou: Dreaming of vampires:Severe dependence

When people who dream of such ghosts feel that they lack emotion and love, they do not look for the reasons within themselves, but maintain their own vitality by absorbing the emotions of others. We often see some women who are extremely emotionally dependent on others, stalking men all day long and calling them non-stop. Vampires symbolize invisible absorption, depriving others of their emotions. We will also see that some mothers' long-term control of their children's emotions is actually a kind of emotional exploitation of their children. On the contrary, mothers have a sense of dependence on their children.

Zhou Gong’s Interpretation of Dreams: Dreaming of Skeleton Ghosts:

"The skeleton ghost is an extreme manifestation of the female ghost in white and a zombie. When a person's extreme lack of emotion reaches a certain limit, he turns into a skeleton." Cai Chenrui said that the skeleton symbolizes death. When we are particularly afraid of death, or when our vitality is extremely weak, we may dream about skeletons.

Zhou Gong’s Interpretation of Dreams: Dreaming of Hungry Ghosts:

If you dream of hungry ghosts, most of them are drug addicts. The characteristic of hungry ghosts is that they are not selective about food. When people take drugs, they will experience excitement and pleasure that they cannot usually feel, in order to numb themselves and avoid facing their own spiritual hunger.

Zhou Gong’s Interpretation of Dreams: Dreaming of a Hanged Man:

The characteristic feature of the image is sticking out the tongue. Dreaming about hanging ghosts shows that he does not dare to face the dark things in his heart, let alone express them. The tongue expresses the funny to say something. He wants to say that I am actually very scared. I am very scared, but I dare not say it.

Zhou Gong’s Interpretation of Dreams: Dreaming of a Headless Ghost:

The head represents reason, the chest represents emotion, and the lower part of the chest represents funny. Headlessness represents a severe isolation between reason and emotion. Dreaming about a headless ghost means that this person is too rational and has suppressed his emotions too deeply. However, the greater the power of suppression, the greater the power of the suppressed dark side. If the power of the dark side of the heart cannot be vented, it will transform. into the form of a dream.

Zhou Gong’s Interpretation of Dreams: Dreaming about Painted Skin Ghost:

There is also a kind of ghost that looks charming in appearance, but there are a lot of dirty things around the body, such as some sticky things, which represent myself . Such ghosts have a debauched heart. It symbolizes funny perversion and funny psychology problems

Psychological counselor Cai Chenrui said that each of us will have an instinctive side and emotional deficiencies. When these problems are not the dominant problem, they will not have an impact on our lives. Only when it rises to a higher level, is it possible to develop mental illness, such as depression. Understanding ghosts in dreams through scienceUse psychology to understand the dark side of your heart and achieve a full self-knowledge. Make your inner state more natural and healthier. We should be kind to ghosts, and to be kind to ghosts is to be kind to ourselves.