Dreaming about following a spy?

What does it mean to dream about following a spy?

Dreamer: Boy, 15 years old, student, his parents had a quarrel recently.

Dreamland: The background of the dream is an animation. I tracked a top agent and discovered his lair. When I wanted to go back and report, I found that it was far, far away from the city, although I was hesitant. , but I still went back. At first I ran and then climbed. Then I came back to town and woke up.

Analysis: 1. The dreamer’s task

The cause of the dream is related to the quarrel between parents. A number one "mission"? Or a number one "agent". According to your name of this "agent", he should be a male. You followed him and found his lair. I think this person is referring to something. On the one hand, it is due to the Oedipus complex formed in the boy's growth process, which leads to hatred and hostility towards his father. On the other hand, the Oedipus complex is stimulated by the quarrel between his parents in reality. , so it is understandable that the dreamer replaced his father with the spy in the dream. The city means a lively place, and it means your home, and because of your parents' quarrels, home makes you feel strange and distant.

But home can give you a sense of security, so you still hope to be able to return home. Even if there are any difficulties, you have to crawl back.

Comment: Subconsciously, the dreamer has dissatisfaction and hostility towards his father, and dissatisfaction and hostility affect the dream, so this agent should be directed at his father. The father was replaced by a spy, which alleviated the dreamer's anxiety caused by his father's accusation.

No matter what the relationship between parents is, home always gives people a sense of security. Home feels like a safe harbor where people can rest and pause.