Dreaming about fighting? What does it mean to dream about fighting? Is it good to dream about fighting?

What does it mean to dream about fighting? Is it good to dream about fighting? Dreaming about fighting has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please read the detailed explanation of dreaming about fighting organized by www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com below.

Dreaming about fighting usually indicates the status of interpersonal relationships and sometimes physical health.

Dreaming that you are beaten by others for no reason, or by strangers, indicates that you may encounter bad luck, setbacks and blows. You should be careful in your recent life to avoid unnecessary trouble.

To dream that you were beaten to death in the end indicates that all the previous pain and disasters and other bad things will pass, and you will have a new beginning and a happy life.

To dream of being beaten by your lover, or arguing or fighting with your lover, indicates that your love will develop smoothly, and you will be happy with each other and your relationship will be deep.

Dreaming about strangers being beaten indicates that you will encounter setbacks and difficulties.

Dreaming about hitting others indicates that you may be dissatisfied with life and depressed. Or you may be praised by others for proactively handling problems.

Dreaming about hitting yourself implies that you have strong guilt, self-blame, or feelings of inferiority and self-loathing.

Dreaming that you instigate others to beat someone indicates that you will make new friends, and the person being beaten may become your friend.

Dreaming about fighting with classmates indicates that the dreamer will be very popular in interacting with others recently, and will make more friends, be honest with each other, and live in harmony.

Dreaming about brothers fighting may indicate that you may encounter internal disputes recently, slow progress at work, or a decline in academic performance.

Dreaming about fighting with relatives, friends, and elders indicates that you may encounter financial difficulties, reduced income, and be in trouble.

Dreaming that someone in the family was beaten to death indicates that the family will increase in number.

If a man dreams of fighting with a woman, it indicates that his reputation will be damaged, or his family will encounter disaster, and someone may die.

To dream of hitting an old man indicates your inner resistance to authority figures or stereotypes.

Dreaming about beating a dog implies that you may make your subordinates, assistants, and friends who are loyal to you question you due to your own fault or the way you handle things.

Dreaming about beating a cat indicates that you will expose a liar.

Dreaming about beating other animals usually indicates that you will get rich.

To dream of slapping your chest indicates that you will encounter pain and misfortune, and may have relatives or friends die. You should also be careful of being involved in criminal cases or lawsuits.

Dreaming about myselfSlapping the ground vigorously indicates that you will smash obstacles, eliminate resistance, and turn danger into safety in the workplace, or in the shopping mall, a situation that may have been on the verge of bankruptcy will suddenly turn around and come back to life.

If a patient dreams about fighting or fighting with others, it indicates that the body will recover and become full of vitality again.

If you dream of two people fighting in front of you, you may want to mediate disputes between friends and act as an "arbiter", "mediator" and "judge".

Dreaming about animals fighting in front of you indicates that you will suffer pain. You should pay attention to your health in the near future to avoid getting sick.

If you dreamed about a scene where many people were fighting, you should pay attention to your health in the near future, as it indicates that you may get sick. Particular attention should be paid to maintaining good eating habits, avoiding overeating, eating from roadside stalls, etc., and being careful to guard against acute gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer, gastroptosis, appendicitis and other digestive system diseases.

A businessman dreams of fighting may indicate changes in plans. If you win, it means that the plan will be a great success. On the contrary, you may encounter setbacks.

If an employee dreams of fighting, it may indicate that there will be changes in the work.

If you often dream about fighting, it may be a sign of fever. It is best to go to the hospital for examination in time.

The Book of Changes Dream Interpretation

Fighting in dreams is as much about conflict as fighting in reality, or it is a conflict with other people’s interests, or a conflict of various values, or a conflict of rebellion against parents in adolescence... There are all kinds of conflicts. It may be represented by fighting in the dream, accompanied by many negative emotional experiences such as anger, tension, anxiety, etc. From the conflict process in the dream, we can see the dreamer's attitude towards the conflict and the behavioral pattern of handling the conflict. If you look at a few more dreams like this, you will find that different processing methods bring completely different psychological feelings to the parties involved.

The fight in the dream represents the conflict between two different values.

Fighting may also symbolize oppression and resistance, competition, overcoming one's weaknesses, etc.

Fighting in a dream symbolizes overcoming difficulties.

Fighting may also symbolize friendship, exercise and mutual promotion.

How can there be such a good fight? If you often watch animal programs on TV, you will be familiar with the fight between two little bears or two little tigers. They are not fighting to the death, they are very measured. It won't hurt the other person, and you may even laugh at such a cute scene. However, they are very serious and will go all out. While training their fighting ability, they are also building an intimate relationship. If a fight with such an atmosphere appears in your dream, you will definitely not feel angry or afraid.

Another happy symbol of fighting is sex. Aren’t many dirty folk jokes comparing the process of sexual behavior to “hand-to-hand fighting”? The difference between this kind of fighting and other fights is that the emotional experience it brings to you is pleasant. The surrounding scenes during the fight will not be gloomy and dark, and the color tone will mostly be warm.

Many people have also had such a dream. You fight with your opponent, but you can’t hurt him or defeat him no matter how hard you fight, because the opponent is often yourself, an idea that you don’t want to admit, and another aspect of your personality. …In short, it’s what’s in your head. If you have this kind of dream often, you will realize that fighting cannot solve the problem, but "turning enemies into friends" and mutual understanding and acceptance between the two parties is the best way to resolve inner conflicts.

Case analysis of dreaming about fighting

【Dream Example 1】

Dream description: In the dream, I was talking to two female leaders. Both leaders were criticizing me and speaking fiercely. I listened in silence, filled with grievances and anger. One of the leaders became more and more excited as he talked, and even came up and pushed me with his arm. I stepped back and backed away... The grievance and anger swelled in my chest. I finally couldn't bear it anymore, and I held a sharp knife in my hand and slashed at the other person's face from bottom to top. ……

Dream analysis: From this dream, it can be seen that this woman's behavior pattern is to shrink and endure in the face of force, and is easily bullied by force. However, once the accumulated anger breaks out, it exceeds the initial magnitude. The angle of her sword draw is defensive rather than offensive, which shows that her attack power is used for self-defense rather than active attack. The fight in this dream symbolizes the oppression of power and resistance to it. As the saying goes, rabbits bite when they are anxious. But please imagine, if she didn’t keep silent at the beginning and could argue for herself, what would the outcome of this fight be?

【Dream Example 2】

Dream description: In the dream, I first fought against hostile martial arts masters and defeated these enemies. On his way back from victory, he suddenly felt like someone was ambushing him. So he cast stones to ask for directions in his dream, put a paper man in front of him, and used his internal force to drive the paper man to walk in front of him. Sure enough, a large number of ambushing enemy masters rushed out and beat the paper man to pieces. When the enemy realized something was wrong, they turned around and chased him. He turned around and ran away...

Dream analysis: This dream reflects the dreamer's attitude towards life crises. At first, he adopted a confrontational attitude. Later, he worried that the enemy would use conspiracy and tricks, so he used tactics. This strategy angered the other party, and the hostility of the other party suddenly became very great. The dreamer changed to avoid this contradiction. The fight here symbolizes overcoming difficulties.

【Dream Example 3】

Dream description: This is a man’s dream. In the dream, he saw the flowers blooming beautifully in someone else’s private garden, and wanted to go into the garden to pick them. As he was about to walk in, a man in a black suit suddenly came up to stop him. . The dreamer felt very angry and said: It’s not your family, can you control it? Black suits were not allowed, so the two started fighting...

Dream analysis: Flowers here symbolize women. "Picking flowers from other people's private gardens" means wanting to possess someone else's woman. The man in a black suit is a symbol of the dreamer's superego. A suit represents formality and restraint, while black has the meaning of depression and solemnity. Therefore, most superegos in dreams will wear formal clothes such as suits or tunic suits, and the color is black or other dark colors. , generally not light colors, because light colors cannot be suppressed. His superego does not allow him to behave contrary to morality, so he steps in to stop him, which creates a conflict with his id's wishes. The fight in this dream represents the conflict between two different values.