Dreaming about falling in love with my robot maid?

Hello, after reading your previous dream interpretation, I think you are really awesome~

I often have recurring dreams. I don’t know why, but I usually remember them very clearly.

Once I had a dream, I dreamed that I was a noble child and I fell in love with my robot maid. On a folk carnival night, there were many stars in the sky, colorful lanterns hung low over the open-air dance floor, and there was a touch of sad music. I stood alone on the edge of the dance floor, practicing the etiquette of inviting her to dance. My loved one hadn't come yet, so I had been practicing nervously, hoping that I would be able to invite her to dance gracefully and elegantly. . . . . . . .

But in the end, she didn’t come. I knew in my heart that she would never appear again.

I am a boy, thank you.

 (www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com) Dream Interpretation: This is a very romantic dream. Nobles, stars, and sad music are all beautiful psychological realities that transcend the real world. Use these images to balance and satisfy some realities. The feeling that the world cannot bring you, fall in love with a robot maid. Robot refers to a mechanized and humanized caring mode. A maid is a person who cares for you and takes care of you. This image comes from your mother, you Falling in love with such an image reflects your attachment to your mother. Colorful lanterns hang low over the open-air dance floor. This can be seen as your funny to experience yourself again when you are still in your mother's body and you are one with your mother. Feelings, by extension, are your longing for getting along with the different in nature, and practicing the etiquette of asking for a dance can be understood as your cognitive process in the construction of emotional patterns. The fact that the person you love does not come means that it is not like this in reality. There is a person who can make you pour these feelings in your dream, knowing in your heart that she will never appear again. Although mother is the first person of the different in nature we come into contact with in the construction of emotional model, she is mother after all. As we grow and our emotional models continue to mature and improve, the image of mother will gradually disappear in our emotional models and be replaced by some more suitable images of the different in nature, such as the different in nature of the same age.