Dreaming about dead relatives who are still breathing is very scary. ?

Dream description:

My grandma passed away half a month ago, and she passed away very suddenly. Because I was abroad, I couldn't rush back.

I just dreamed that my grandma is not dead. Although the funeral has been arranged, she has not died yet and is still living in my house. She is so scary, so everyone is afraid of her.

I rushed home to see her. I don’t know why, but I knelt in front of her coffin and begged her to forgive us. I gave her a spoon and told her that if she forgives us, she will put it upright, and if she doesn’t, she will cover it there.

Later, my younger brother also rushed back. He said that something happened to my father’s brothers and sisters, and he was worried that something would happen to my father too, so he rushed back.

Later, when those relatives came to see grandma, my eldest aunt actually said that grandma was still breathing, and that she should give her tea to stop breathing. I was actually scared too, and did not dare to sleep at my own house, so I told my cousin that I would go to her house. We went to bed, and then we went upstairs to see grandma. None of the relatives seemed sad.

Grandma was still very energetic, and there was a little foreigner girl lying next to her. They said that she had raised her for half a month before she left. Later, she donated her cornea to her, and now she is about to die. Later, I I held my grandma’s hand and told her that I was back. She said that I was very filial and that my brother didn’t say hello to her when he came back. Later, she asked me to go to the stairs to get some crystal powder, which she seemed to have eaten when she was hospitalized. , it was cooked like rice soup. She said she was afraid of eating it and should stop eating it. I had already gone to get it, but she also got out of bed and walked up the stairs, so I carried her back to the bed and blamed them for not being there with so many people. When I stopped my grandma, my grandma’s face was completely black at that time. It was so scary.

Later, for some reason, she ran away as soon as she got off my back. They all ran after her. My sister and I saw grandma at the door, but she looked really scary, so we ran back downstairs. I went up to the third floor and ran to the third floor. My sister and I hid separately. I locked myself on the balcony, but grandma still seemed to see me and kept walking towards me. I was so scared. Suddenly something attracted her, She turned around and I woke up, still scared.

What is going on? Is grandma blaming me for not rushing back? Also, we relatives are usually very filial to grandma, but in the dream it was the opposite. My aunt actually said that she would drink tea to death. I am really scared. Now I don’t dare to sleep. Please help me. !

Duke Zhou’s interpretation of dreams:

It may be that it was too sudden, and you can’t accept this fact all of a sudden, hoping that it is not true; it may also be that you feel guilty in your heart for not being able to rush back, don’t think so much, grandma, isn’t it? She will blame you. You can't feel guilty all the time. Your happiness, health and happiness are what she wants most. Please relax.

You don’t have to be afraid. Grandma is not trying to hurt you. The reason why she appears in your dream is because you miss her too much. The source of all fear comes from the heart. The heart lets go of everything.Then let it go. Even if grandma is resentful towards you, don't let this become your fear. Cherish the people who are alive now and be filial to your parents. This is the most practical thing. Remember, you must meditate on everything.