Dreaming about chatting with a woman?

Little A’s self-report: I am a boy who has just grown up. Last night I had a pleasant chat with a very hot woman in my dream, but I couldn’t see her face clearly. Maybe I forgot what she looked like after I woke up. What does it look like? What does this mean?

Answer: Having a good conversation with a woman means that you are having a conversation with a woman who occupies an important position in your subconscious mind in your dream. The specific object may be your lover, mother or sexual fantasy object; or she may be the hidden person in your heart. The female image, even the sexual desire that you have suppressed for a long time. It depends on which of the following situations you have.

Do you have the following experience as Little A? Which of the following is possible about the woman you are talking to in your dream?

A. Having a great conversation with a strange woman

Answer: A model of perfect womanhood. In fact, she is the model of "perfect woman" you have set in your subconscious mind, which can also be said to be the "female prototype". If her attitude is friendly, it means that in reality you should try to understand some inner problems that you have ignored for a long time; if your dreams feel full of danger, it means that you want to "derail" in your heart.

B. The other person feels like a mother

Answer: It’s time for you to be independent. You attach great importance to your reaction or words to her in the dream; if the other person shows negative emotions, it implies that you should relax the close emotional connection with your mother in reality. This is a prerequisite for you to establish an independent self.

C. Flirting with acquaintances

Answer: Projection of the female archetype. If the content of the dream is very erotic, it means that she only reflects your suppressed sexual desire in reality, or that you are projecting your inner female prototype onto her. This dream is suggesting that you should start getting along well with your "female prototype" instead of being busy building relationships with ordinary women.