Dreaming about buying and selling fruits?

Hello Master! Personal profile: Gender: Female, Age: 26, work situation, relatively satisfied, currently in love, but I am conflicted about whether I should get married (because I don’t have enough confidence in him)

Dream: The clearest memory is that I first started selling peaches with my boyfriend. The peaches were very big and fresh. But then I ended up buying peaches again for some reason. The man also asked us to taste the peaches, but we didn’t. Then My boyfriend took me on a bicycle ride and passed by many big fig trees. I wanted to pick and eat them, but they were far away from me and I could only see them, so I didn’t pick them. Later, I remembered that I ate a lot of bananas and I was very full. The watermelon... returned to the yard where I lived when I was a child. A cicada crawled out from under the soil in the yard. After I caught it, I wanted to raise it until it could shed its shell the next day, but it died. Ask the master to interpret the dream. Thank you

(Dream Interpretation by Zhou Gong www.zGjm.org) Dream interpretation: In this dream, selling peaches and buying peaches both reflect the same meaning, that is, you are measuring the value of the relationship between you and your boyfriend. Peaches can be understood as the fruits of relationships, that is, the fruits that are produced when the relationship develops to a certain level, such as marriage. In the dream, you have not tasted it, which reflects your attitude. You are not willing to try this yet. Your boyfriend rides a bicycle. The symbolic meaning of taking you is that your boyfriend takes you on the road of love, or that you and your boyfriend move forward together in the relationship. The fig tree, like the peach in front, is also a symbol of relationship results. , tree, highlights the meaning of family, and you haven’t eaten it because it is too far away, which means that you feel that these things are still far away. Bananas and watermelons are symbols of emotional life and also have funny meaning, indicating that although you are You are not married, but your love life is still very rich. Returning to the courtyard where you lived when you were a child can be understood as a sign that you have delved into the depths of your heart and discovered that the cicada has not yet come out of its shell. It means that you are full of hope. After brewing and cultivating for a long time, Looking forward to the final transformation, that is, the final result, but if it dies, it means that the hope is shattered, which reflects your attitude towards the final result of this relationship to a certain extent. Although the subconscious mind can convey some information to our conscious mind, the final decision is still made by the conscious mind. Face it bravely, make up your mind early, and take the next step.