Dreaming about burying a dog?

Master, last night I dreamed that a pair of sisters’ dog died, and then the sisters buried it. Just after the burial, the clear sky suddenly turned pitch black. At this time, the sisters disappeared. Standing next to me, I suddenly felt that the surroundings were empty, as if something was coming towards me, and I screamed, "Help, help."

 (www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com) Dream Interpretation: The pair of sisters in the dream is a metaphor for your own image. Appearing in the image of a pair of sisters reflects to a certain extent that you have some conflicts in your heart, two positions, two This concept, or two directions of development, has a slight sense of division, which may make you hesitate. When the dog dies, it can be understood that a part of your heart no longer exists, has been lost or abandoned by you, and is buried. A ritual that means you have accepted the fact that you have lost a certain part of your emotions or concepts in your heart, and that you have grown and changed. After such an event, the sky is dark, indicating that this change has made your heart feel better. You have some negative emotions, feelings of depression and unhappiness. At this time, a pair of sisters who split into two images disappear and become yourself. This is related to you losing a part of your heart, so the two images become one, but this state It makes you feel confused and lost, as if there is nothing around you. Maybe you have not completely lost it, but just suppressed it, so you will feel uneasy, as if something is chasing you.