Dreaming about blue goldfish and beautiful kindergarten teacher?

I am a male born on February 7, 1987. I don’t have a girlfriend. I work in a public institution. I am facing a promotion recently. There are several people who meet the conditions. I know that my hope is not great, and the main leader is very optimistic about one of them. Now I am working with a few of them. Colleagues live in a bungalow in a rural village due to work reasons and have a harmonious relationship. The dream happened during a nap and went like this: At the beginning, I went for a walk. I remember that last time a colleague went to the city to do errands, I asked him to buy a goldfish for me. I suddenly remembered that he put it on the lawn at the door for me after he came back. It had been half a month since he brought the fish back. I thought the fish might be dead, so I walked there and found the box. I opened it and saw that the fish was still alive. The fish was very beautiful. I thought this guy really knew how to buy it. The eye kernels were peach pit-shaped. At first they were black and purple, and slowly turned into dark blue. I stroked the fish. I thought this fish was so beautiful, and I wanted to go to the nearby fish market to buy a good fish tank, but when I saw there was a vase-shaped transparent fish tank filled with water at my feet, I put it in the fish tank, and it swam happily. , its tail is different from other goldfish. It has four or five long purple ribbon-like fins. It is very beautiful. At this time, a beautiful kindergarten teacher came over with several children. The female teacher asked me to help her carry a display board. After that, I returned to the bungalow and before I entered the house, I noticed that the sky had changed drastically. There was a black tornado in the distance, and there was strong wind around me. It was very bright, blinding my eyes, as if the sun was very close. I knew something was wrong. After entering the house, they were all in the house, and they were all calm. Only I was more excited. I looked at the sun in the west through the window. The sun was too big, and it was behind the mountains. I called them all over to watch the sun, and they were also quite excited. I was surprised. There was a fire whirlwind blowing on the surface of the sun. The TV announcer said: A powerful something is attacking our country and it will pass soon. Just as I was wondering, the top of the mountain in front of the sun was suddenly lifted up by strong magma. The lava was rushing towards our house. In the blink of an eye, the lava had already poured into the yard. I was very scared. They had indifferent expressions on their faces. I asked if it was still too late to run away. One of them smiled and said: It’s no use. I When I looked out through the window, the sky was already filled with scorching sludge, rolling in like a tsunami. The ground was already a little hot. I finished my sentence. The wolfdog outside must be dead now. I asked one of them. Can we, the older ones, still survive? He looked at the TV and said with a smile: We can’t survive. The house will collapse soon. The man next to me simply lay down and fell asleep. I looked at the lava outside the window and said, how can this be done? , dying like this is too painful, and there are still many things to do. He laughed and said: That's right, haha, I didn't even buy anything to prepare for death. I'm so speechless. I also asked you why you are so calm, and he smiled. No sound, I was desperate, waiting for death, then I opened my eyes, my heartbeat was very strong, please solve