Dreaming about being on fire? What does it mean to dream about being on fire? Is it good to dream about being on fire?

What does it mean to dream about being on fire? Is it okay to dream about your body being on fire? Dreaming about being on fire has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination. Please read the detailed explanation of dreaming about being on fire compiled by www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com below.

Fire in dreams represents fame and prosperity!

If a student dreams that he is on fire, his academic performance will improve and he will get the best rank in the exam!

The employee dreamed that he was on fire, he would be promoted step by step, promoted by his boss, and there was a possibility of becoming famous!


For a businessman to dream that his body is on fire, it indicates that he will make a fortune and money will come rolling in.

Dreaming about burning your hat or clothes warns you that a disaster is coming. (www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com )

Dreaming about clothes catching fire indicates that you will have many troubles in love. You must learn to regulate your emotions, endure what you can, and don't lose your temper over trivial matters.

A woman dreams that her clothes are on fire indicates that she will have many quarrels with her lover over trivial matters. It reminds you not to worry about things.

If a lover dreams that his clothes are on fire, it means that his relationship is not going well and he may change his boyfriend or girlfriend.

Zhou Gong Stock Market

Dreaming of burning hats or clothes indicates that the stock market will sell off all the stocks it holds. However, if the fire is burning, it is a buying market; if there is smoke, it is a selling market.