Dreaming about being exiled? What does it mean to dream about being exiled? Is it good to dream about being exiled?

What does it mean to dream about being exiled? Is it good to dream about being exiled? Dreaming about being exiled has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about being exiled compiled by www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com below.

Being exiled in your dream reminds you to be careful with your words, and it represents a strange journey.

Dreaming that you are exiled reminds you to be careful with your words. Don't make yourself the target of public criticism if you lose your words.

But it is a good dream to dream that you are exiled to a foreign land, leave your homeland, or have your wife and children separated. This dream indicates that you will have a strange trip to an exotic land.

A woman dreams of being exiled indicates that she will have to embark on a journey, which will hinder her dating and make her lose a lot of happiness.

Dreaming about becoming a prison warden means that you will become a rich man’s housekeeper; dreaming about quarreling with the warden, your freedom will be restricted; dreaming about making friends with prison officials, your reputation will be ruined.

If a man dreams of prison, he will live a happy and carefree life; if a married woman dreams of prison, she may become pregnant; if an old man dreams of prison, it is an ominous sign, and his health will deteriorate; if a businessman sees prison, his business will be damaged. .

If you dream of talking to a prisoner, you will suffer bad luck; if you dream of quarreling with a prisoner, the disaster will pass; if you dream of making friends with a prisoner, your deceiving friends will bring you losses.

I dreamed that someone died in prison, and my official career was not going well, and I was in danger of being demoted. Dreaming that you put others in jail indicates that the dreamer will have good fortune. Dreaming that the prison environment is bad, smelly and dirty, the dreamer will have good luck.

If you dream about a prison guard, the dream indicates that the dreamer feels restrained and restrained either by his own feelings and character or by the behavior of other people. Self-criticism and alienation make it difficult for the dreamer to complete his various tasks.

If you dream of being imprisoned in prison, it means that you want to live a carefree and free life. This dream indicates that you will be freed from depression and become your own master; if you dream of someone else being imprisoned, it means that you are currently encountering a difficult problem that puts you in a dilemma. This dream means that you will eventually overcome the difficulties. .