Dreaming about being chased by others?

What does it mean to dream of being chased by others

One thing that all my dreams have in common is that I am always on the run, and someone is always chasing me, as if they want to kill me. I have had dreams like this for many years. Although the stories are different, the mood is the same. In many dreams, I can fly, but the enemy will always follow closely behind. He can't chase me, and I can't get rid of him. I feel so tired every time I wake up! (Male, 44 years old)

Dream analysis: "I am always running away" represents your usual behavior pattern towards things in real life - escaping. The symbolic meaning of "flying" in your dream is also escape. Recurring dreams like this can be seen as constant reminders from the inner world, hoping to attract your attention. The "enemy" symbolizes what you are running from. Therefore, you can pay attention to your "escape" mode in dealing with things in real life. You can even remind yourself before you are about to escape that "it is best to wait before escaping and see what the results will be if you persist."