Dreaming about being chased by a dog?

I had a very strange dream last night. I dreamed that a very familiar pet dog kept chasing me while I was playing, and bit my clothes and refused to let go. After being thrown away by me, it kept chasing me and ran for several times without catching me. It wanted to bite me, but it didn't feel malicious and just dragged me. Finally, my cousin drove over and I got into the car. The dog also got in, and then we started playing together.

 (www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com)Dream Interpretation: The more you know about the dreamer’s life information, the more effective the interpretation of the dream may be, haha.

The pet dog in the dream probably refers to a member of the opposite sex with whom you have a better relationship in your life. The feeling he gives you is that he "bites" you and pulls you, but he has no ill intentions, and you But you want to run away, cousin, older peer of the opposite sex, can also mean the opposite sex with whom you have a better relationship. This can reflect that you hope that the man you associate with can make you dependent and coquettish like a relative. You go up. Getting a car can be understood to mean that you have entered or want to enter a relationship, and what you are worried about is that in addition to the family-like care you want, there are also "bites" in this relationship that you don't want. The restrictive feeling of your clothes.