Dreaming about being chased?

Dreaming that you are being chased along the way means that you have encountered big trouble at work. If someone helps you escape on the road, it means that fortunately there is someone to help you and you can get through safely; if you dream of being chased, Killed, and a symbol that hints at your fortune/improvement. But if it chases you until you are powerless and then wakes up, it means that your troubles will not be easy to solve.

Catching up with the pressure of real life, or the scourge within.

Dreaming about being chased or hunted by people, animals or even aliens, and you are out of breath while running. This type of dream reminds people of real life, which is always full of pressure. Therefore, the source of pressure is the important key to this type of dream. So if you can identify whether it is your boss or your wife who is chasing you, it will certainly help clarify the meaning of dreams. But if unfortunately, the face of the enemy chasing you is unclear, then you can only deduce who the "enemy" may be from the people who helped you during the escape or the people who traveled with you. So next time you dream, you need to be brave enough to take a look, so that you know where the inexplicable fear in your heart comes from, and you must dare to face danger to solve the problem.

For chasing targets:

If you can recall a specific person chasing you, then the interpretation of your dream will be very obvious. If it is a boss or a colleague or classmate, it is related to your work and study environment and pressure; if it is a dream about family members and children, it is naturally related to family depression.

But more often than not, the "enemy" chasing you is often your own incarnation, so you can't get rid of it at all. This incarnation is actually your instinct, such as your sense of morality, responsibility, guilt, etc.; if the "enemy" is a certain part of yourself, then the outcome of the pursuit is very important.

For catch-up results:

You may rise up to confront the enemy, whether it is setting up traps and other cheap tricks or picking up a submachine gun to sweep randomly, it means that you have suppressed the scourge in your heart and achieved a temporary victory of reason.

You may have found a safe place to hide, which means that you are using a temporary escape method to gain inner peace. But this is often a manifestation of self-deception, putting on a disguise and deliberately not feeling anxious. This kind of dreamer generally has a weak character.

You may have escaped for a long time and finally been killed, or you may have woken up from an excessive fright, which symbolizes that the dreamer usually suppresses his instinct too much, and after suppressing it to a certain intensity, he begins to suffer strong resistance or revenge from his instinct. The more ferocious the pursuit in the dream, the greater the intensity of the dreamer's instinctive suppression.

If you shake hands with the enemy inexplicably and make peace, then pay attention to how you fight with the enemy in the dream. That is the gift of wisdom that the dream gives you besides frightening you. Maybe in the same way, you can make peace with the enemy in reality. The confusion in you will be easily solved.

For the catching up process:

Analyze how you escaped, whether you were walking as fast as flying, or whether you were trying to run but couldn't run fast. Most people want to run but can't run fast in their dreams. The feeling of not being able to run fast makes them very scared in their dreams. This reflects a self-understanding that they are incapable of escaping the dangers they face in life.

How you escaped in the dream can also explain many problems. For example, some netizens once dreamed of being chased. They wanted to escape but couldn't run fast. So they jumped up and wanted to fly to the sky, but someone behind them grabbed their ankles. They were very frightened. This dream reflects the dreamer's attempt to escape reality through fantasy (flying to the sky), but was caught by reality.

If you want to hide, you will be discovered no matter where you hide. It doesn’t matter how tightly you close the door. No matter where you run, your pursuers will be just a few steps behind you. At this time, the person or animal chasing you is a part of yourself, a symbol of your conscience or your values, or your own memories, worries and pains. Since the pursuer is in your head, you certainly can't hide it so that it can't find you, because you can't completely deceive yourself.

Dreaming about being chased and choosing to escape indicates that the dreamer is under a lot of pressure in reality and still has not figured out how to solve the problem. He is often at a loss and feels quite entangled in his heart, and he does not dare to face it. In reality, I don’t even think about how to solve the problem. I have a passive escape mentality. I just blindly escape from reality. In this way, I will continue to be hunted down before the problem is solved;

Dreaming about being chased and choosing to fight bravely implies that the dreamer has chosen to face the pressure of reality and face any difficult problems that arise, and dare to face them. He may have found a solution and is working on it. Try actively and hope to solve it as soon as possible;

Dreaming about being chased and choosing to pretend dead or hide in the hope of avoiding the sight of wild beasts or bad guys indicates that the dreamer is temporarily helpless about the current situation and can only choose to ignore it, which symbolizes In daily life, dreamers often use self-deception and turn a blind eye to release some instinctive impulses and pressure, that is, adding some reasonable disguises to the instinctive impulses, and usually find various excuses so that they do not feel anxious. The cognition of the environment will be distorted. In fact, one is just living with half-closed eyes and muddle along, implying that the dreamer's character is generally weak;

Dreaming about being chased, bitten or killed means that the dreamer can no longer bear the pressure of reality, or can no longer find a way to solve the problem, and can only break the pot, and is already compromising. , there is no fighting spirit in my heart;

If you don’t feel fear while dreaming about being chased, and you are not afraid but just find it fun, it means that the dreamer’s life is too monotonous and boring, and some fundamental changes are needed;


Dreaming of being hunted and choosing to commit suicide implies that the dreamer has reached a point where he is forced to be helpless in the real society, and that the dreamer has completely compromised and given up on reality deep in his heart;

Dreaming about being chased and trying to run but being unable to do so reflects the dreamer’s self-understanding that he is unable to escape the dangers and pressures he faces in life, and is helpless and can only watch the problem. Upgrade and cannot be solved, or the dreamer wants to escape but cannot escape due to poor sleeping posture during sleep;

Dreaming about being chased, but somehow shaking hands with the enemy and making peace, reminds the dreamer to pay attention to how he and the enemy in the dream turned into friendship. It is a gift of wisdom that the dream gives to oneself besides being frightened. Perhaps it can be used in the same way. By using this method, your confusion in reality will be easily solved;

Dreaming about being chased but killing the pursuer instead shows that the dreamer is also very conflicted and entangled in the pressure of reality, but he can find the root cause of the problem and believes that he has the ability to take measures. The most correct way to solve the problem;

Zhou Gong’s Interpretation of Dreams: Dreaming of one’s own death, but the person is already dead, but seems not to be dead, and the other self is still alive, which means that the dreamer wishes to forget from deep in his heart, maybe he wants to change from the current environment. I hope to get rid of all the worries of the past and completely change myself;

Dreaming that you are very afraid of death and accompanied by pain is probably because the dreamer has encountered some troubles recently, which makes you nervous. It reminds the dreamer that if trouble has occurred, he should pay attention to solving the matter at hand. If the trouble still occurs, Even if it doesn’t happen, you should still handle things carefully to avoid getting into trouble;

Dreaming about being hunted and coming back from the dead means the birth of a new self. Young people need to grow up and pursue a new self. Therefore, young people are more likely to have dreams about being killed and dying. Such dreams have The meaning of rebirth.