Dreaming about an emotional dream that makes people faint?

I am a girl, 19 years old, and sensitive to emotions.

I had a dream, the dream was like this:

I have a friend A who likes me, so I agreed to be with him

Friend B also likes me, but I didn’t say I was with him

One day when three people A, friend B, and I were together

The location is a junior high school (in reality, I met two friends in high school)

I am very hesitant and don’t know who to choose

Who knows, friend A saw me hesitating and didn’t know who to choose, so he jumped off the building and committed suicide

Then, I was okay at first, then I felt very sad and cried a lot

 B friend always comforts me

 Friend A is connected and may still like me now

Friend B, no contact for a year

But in many dreams, B keeps appearing

In the dream, B was very good to me. He always cared about me and took care of me. It was a very considerate feeling. It was the same in real life before.

Now I rarely think about B, but I always dream about B

I don’t know what those dreams mean

 (www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com) Dream Interpretation: This dream is your subconscious mind helping you sort out some emotional relationships that you can't figure out in your consciousness. In junior high school, this shows a certain degree of psychological regression, that is, because some things in the current situation make you have negative emotions, out of the need for growth, you return to an earlier period in your memory in your dream to seek The feelings or guidance you currently lack or need are very hesitant and directly reflect your emotional confusion. A commits suicide by jumping off the building. What it actually means is that in your heart, A is dead and you have made a choice. Your heart has given up on A. Crying is a way to vent the negative emotions caused by the sense of loss. B is still alive in your heart. Subconsciously, you still miss his care for you, so he comforts you who is crying in your dream. . This dream tells you what you need more in your love life, but the past is past. No matter what you need, don't look for it in your past. You can get what you want from your present and future.