Dreaming about a sign that your daughter is seriously ill? | Dream Interpretation

To dream that your daughter is seriously ill indicates that you will not cooperate well with others in your career. It is also difficult to meet someone who is sincere to you in your relationship, and your life will be bad. If you do not cooperate well with others in your career, your wealth luck will also be affected. Having this dream is very bad for single men and women. If you have this dream, the noble people around you will have a lot of luck, but you get along well with others, treat each other sincerely, and there may be a sign of good luck in your career. This dream is full of talent. Dreaming in autumn is auspicious, but dreaming in summer is unlucky.

A person with a head disease dreams of it, and goes to the northwest to seek wealth. This dream is the main fire of the five elements, which is a symbol of the fire in the earthly branch.

A single man dreams that his daughter is seriously ill, which means good luck in relationship. If there is a dispute with others over money, it will be difficult to prosper in wealth. He has a good career, integrity, and persistent perseverance in doing things. However, he should follow the advice of others in dealing with things. Even if he has extraordinary talent, he should restrain himself.

Recently there is a dispute in the family dreamed, this dream is a sign of good luck in the career, if there are many noble people around you, the fortune will make a difference, which is a good sign.

A newly married man dreams that his daughter is seriously ill. A fickle person, although the opposite sex treats each other sincerely, but there is something unfavorable in his emotions. A person with a complicated relationship with the opposite sex will have emotional troubles.

Recently, those who have a lot of entanglements with others dreamed that their daughter was seriously ill, and the main life is often restricted by others. .

The courtier dreams of his daughter being seriously ill, which means the family is peaceful and peaceful, but it means prosperity, the stability of the children and grandchildren, and the peace of the parents. But the husband and wife have a slight discord, which is harmless. It is the meaning of making money together.

A married man dreams that his daughter is seriously ill, which means he is worried, and it is time to let go of his troubles and recuperate.

A person engaged in civil engineering construction, real estate development and other related industries dreamed that his daughter was seriously ill, it is auspicious to go east, and unlucky to go west. It can be promoted, and those who get the help of nobles will have a lot of money, which is a sign of auspiciousness.