Dreaming about a male classmate confessing his love?

Hello, Master. I'm a girl, 21 years old. Last night, I dreamed that a male classmate of mine, who usually doesn’t talk much and I don’t have much idea about him, confessed his love to me. He came to my house to chat with me first, and my mother was also there. It felt like we were very familiar, like each other. Like old friends. Then he suddenly confessed to me, in the form of a note. He told me to show me what he had planned, and it was in English. Afterwards, he hugged me, but he didn’t accept him.

(Dream Interpretation by Zhou Gong www.zGjm.org) Dream interpretation: The images in this dream are mostly condensed images, which can be analyzed from two levels. First, it reflects your longing for emotional life. Come to my house and chat with me. , and my mother is there next to me. I feel that we are very familiar, like old friends. These are some of the characteristics of the ideal partner you hope for. Perhaps through your own association with the boy who appeared in your dream, you You can learn more about your ideal partner's characteristics. Expressing your feelings in a note shows that you are a reserved person. Compared with direct communication, you prefer to communicate with people in a more romantic and artistic way. Communication, at the same time, the note confession here can be regarded as a condensed image, with a deeper meaning, expressing your future's affirmation of you, such as an admission notice, he shows you his plan, is Refers to your future plans and thoughts about your future in more detail. It can be understood as what you need to do in the next few years after getting an admission qualification. In English, it means there are some academic difficulties. It shows that you know that to accept this confession, you need some academic skills yourself. Hugging but not accepting him means that although you accept it in action, you don't like it in your heart.