Dreaming about a little devil?

Hello Master, the interpretation of my last dream was really very good. This time I’m here to trouble you again.

I dreamed that there was a little devil who escaped from nowhere and didn’t know anything. He went around doing bad things because he thought it was fun. He killed people and set fires. It was so terrifying that even the police couldn’t stop him (in the final scene) When I was scared, I woke up and found that my hand was pressed on my chest again - - I adjusted my position and continued to sleep) Later, the devil met a chivalrous girl. At that time, the devil was deliberately blocked by a group of bad guys' carriage. It was clear that he was here to cause trouble. Of course the devil was not afraid. When he was about to fight, the girl appeared and taught the bad guy a lesson and left in a hurry. The devil didn't pay attention at the time. Later, he accidentally met the girl on the road and discovered that the girl In slaying demons, the demon found it fun and helped the girl to slay the demon together. Then the demon completely changed and has been protecting the girl. Unless someone wants to hurt the girl, he will not do it.

There is a clip where a girl’s class is about to take graduation photos, but before everyone has arrived, the little devil has already occupied a seat in the front row for the girl. The girl is still on her way to tutoring, and she doesn’t seem to be worried about it. I knew that graduation photos would be taken soon. Several people here had already arrived at the place where the photos were taken. Everyone took out their own things to show off whose things were the most beautiful. The devil only cared about when the girl could come back to take pictures. At this time, not Someone said that the location for taking pictures had changed to the opposite side of the road, so everyone immediately went to the opposite side of the road to get a seat, and the devil also hurried over (I forgot about the latter... )

 (www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com) Dream Interpretation: Another very interesting story, your dreams are very literary, haha. The girl in the dream can be directly understood as your self, the image of the little devil. You can look at it this way: in order to grow and protect yourself, a defense mechanism in your heart takes effect and separates a little devil from your self. The same image to help you adapt to the external environment and resist the harm that some phenomena in the external environment may cause to you. This defense mechanism is especially common in our childhood growth. As adults, there is such a defense mechanism at work. To a certain extent, it reflects that your soul is pure and beautiful. The first half of the dream is describing such a psychological fact. The image of the little devil exists in each of us, but some little devils do not exist alone. Separated, it does not do all evil, its main purpose is to protect girls. The second half of the dream, graduation, means that in terms of mental growth, a stage of life is about to be completed and is heading towards a new stage of growth. It is a transition, and your self does not seem to be actively facing this transition. The separated little devil image in your heart is aware of this. It is telling you that you need to welcome a new stage of your growth. At the same time, , taking pictures can be understood as self-examination, everyone takes it individuallySelling your own things to show off whose things are the most beautiful means judging your self-worth. So, the combined meaning is that this little image in your mind reminds you that you need to move to a new stage in life, and at the same time, you must also treat yourself Make an evaluation, look at yourself, and find your own value.