Dreamed that your friend’s head was missing?

Master, last night I dreamed that my friend (female) was disfigured. She wore a black raincoat. The head is completely empty, and all you see is a black hole. You can still talk to me. She said she was like this because she was retaliated for quarreling with others. I'm so scared, please help me figure it out.

 (www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com) Dream Interpretation: The friend in the dream can be seen as a part of your own heart, that is, a part of your own image, which acts as a self-protective defense mechanism. The image of a same-sex friend appears in your dream. It is disfigured and the face is damaged. It means that you feel that something has hurt your soul and your image has been damaged, making you feel shameless. Black The coir raincoat is a more personalized image. If you have your own association as a reference, the analysis effect will be better. Here is a general analysis of the general meaning. Black here can be regarded as a stronger and more defensive force. With high color protection, the coir raincoat is a defense mechanism in your heart. Its function is to cover your heart to a certain extent and prevent your heart from being harmed by the outside world. At the same time, the main purpose of the coir raincoat is to cover the rain, which can It symbolizes feelings, so the coir raincoat here can be understood as an emotional defense mechanism. If the coir raincoat is rare in your living environment, then it also reflects a certain degree of alienation, that is, this part of your own image. , it may be a little strange to you. You may not be aware of this part of your image, and some of it is unacceptable. The whole head is empty. Does it mean that the head is empty or the face is empty? If it is the face, It can be understood in the same way as the disfigurement mentioned above. What you see is a black hole, which reflects a certain degree of disorientation. The black hole has an unknown feeling, which expresses that because of this thing that hurt you, you You can't find your own position in your heart, and you don't know how you want to face yourself and face reality. This is because you were retaliated against for quarreling with others, which is reflected in some states of interpersonal communication, that is, you are subjected to Injury also has its own responsibility, so it is retaliation.