Dreamed that you were flying on a plane?

I dreamed that when the plane just accelerated to take off, I woke up after flying for a while

What’s going on~~~It won’t be anything.....

Dream Interpretation by Duke Zhou:

Flying in your dream represents facing some challenges or new environment

Hope for success

Use airplanes to illustrate that although there are risks, the conditions are relatively good

You want to change

But afraid of danger

I just hope someone can support you

The performance of the aircraft is relatively good, so it is okay to fly in bad weather conditions. It is said that this is a modified fighter jet

You are wandering between confidence and worry

Seize the opportunity

If you get older, you won’t be able to fly

Then you will be even more embarrassed to see your former friends

The purpose of enduring hardship when you are young is to stop enduring hardship when you are no longer young