Dreamed that the door could not be locked?

What does it mean to dream that the door cannot be locked?

In the dream, I locked the bedroom door and was about to go to bed when my husband suddenly yelled, "Why didn't you lock the door!" I was very angry and said, "I obviously locked the door, why are you talking nonsense. "The husband was also very angry. He stepped forward and pulled the door open. I was speechless and confused. (Female, 27 years old)

Dream interpretation: Generally speaking, the purpose of closing the door is for prevention. Forgetting to lock it means that there is negligence in preparation for prevention. For married women, although closing the door means protecting the family, the more they want to protect, the more they will fall into the barriers of the family. Over time, there is almost nothing they can endure, so in their hearts they want to have a passage where they can breathe. . When this emotion brews to its strongest, there will always be dreams of a place that is not locked.