Dreamed that my mother came back when I was in the same room with my boyfriend?

Dear Master, I am a 20-year-old girl, a college student, in love (my parents don’t know), and my interpersonal relationships have always been very good. I have never had any conflicts with my friends, but my relationship with my parents is not very good. The relationship with the mother was particularly poor.

The dream is divided into two parts: My boyfriend came to my house, he changed into my pajamas, and we were chatting on the balcony. I suddenly remembered that my mother had already got off work. I was very afraid that my mother would see my boyfriend when she came home, and I would call her immediately. My boyfriend quickly changed his clothes and left. As soon as we came out to the living room, we saw my mother already cooking in the kitchen. My mother came out of the kitchen several times. She clearly saw us, but she didn’t seem to see us. She went back to the kitchen. My boyfriend I quickly went to my room to change my clothes, and when I came out, I happened to meet my mother. She scolded us very excitedly, and then said that she just happened to go out, and she felt at ease only if her boyfriend went with her, and then they went out.

Then the dream jumped to me and my mother standing in the alley in front of my grandma’s house at night. The alley was dark and felt very eerie, but I was not afraid at all. Then an aunt came over and told my mother that there was a goddess here. The facade is not pretty and not many people go there, but she is very accurate in telling fortunes. My mother took me to find the goddess in the alley around No. 400. There were many Taoist priests opening altars in that alley, and every stall had a Some people were waiting. We walked all the way to the end of the alley, and there was a goddess on the corner. She was the one we were looking for. When she saw us, she asked us to go over. She asked my mother to show her hands and kept rubbing her hands with both hands. , and then told my mother that if she hadn’t gone to her club, she would have made a lot of money, and then said that I could smoke. I immediately told my mother that I didn’t, in fact, I really didn’t, and then she came over and rubbed my face again. As soon as she rubbed her hands, my whole body became numb, and then she said that my mother and I were both at fault.

That’s it. . It feels strange. .

I have always been afraid of ghosts and supernatural things, and I would never even think about it.

How can you dream and tell your fortune? . Never thought about it. .

Please help me figure it out, I'm very confused now. .

Grateful. .

 (www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com)Dream Interpretation:

When your boyfriend changes into your own pajamas at home, it means that you have accepted your boyfriend in your heart. The home in your dream can be regarded as a state of your heart, a kind of relationship. In this state, if you accept your boyfriend, it means that you have recognized his position in your heart. Being on the balcony with your boyfriend also means an emotional relationship. Specifically, in your heart, there is In the concept of home, your boyfriend has become a part of the home, just like the location of the balcony at home. The image of your mother can be directly understood as your mother in reality, or as your own subconscious, Submit to a part of mother's concept, and this partThe concept that you still don't approve of your boyfriend stems from your worries about your parents' attitude.

In front of the alley of grandma’s house with your mother, this can be understood as a psychological regression phenomenon. It means that when considering the relationship with your boyfriend, you mentally return to the earlier stage of your growth. A state of being more dependent on your elders to seek the answers you need. The image of Goddess is a hybrid image that has elements of elders and a more mature image to help you make better answers to some problems. Judgment, at the same time, also contains elements of unknown power. You feel that you cannot fully trust the opinions of your elders, so you hope in your heart that you can use stronger power to make judgments.

Walking all the way to the end of the alley can be understood as gradually walking deeper into your own heart. This plot implies that the power you expect to help you find the answer is actually deep in your heart, coming from Your own soul, if she didn’t go to her meeting, you would make a lot of money. The expression of this sentence is not very clear. My understanding is that if your mother didn’t go to the goddess, you would make a lot of money. Here is actually You are saying that you will make a lot of money if you don't go to your mother. It is a substitute relationship of equal status. What it expresses is that you think that if you don't tell your mother about your relationship with your boyfriend, you will make a lot of money. Gain more sense of self-worth in your relationship with your boyfriend. Why is this happening? Because in your heart, you feel that the image of your mother has given you too many constraints, preventing you from better enjoying your self-worth. , so without her, you will be less constrained, enjoy more love life, and gain more sense of self-worth.

Saying that you can smoke, smoking is a metaphor. You regard dating your boyfriend without telling your mother as a bad habit like smoking, a habit that is not recognized by your mother. The goddess breaks this fact to a certain extent. It shows that you are having such a struggle in your heart, and you are hesitating whether to tell your mother about your relationship with your boyfriend. Being paralyzed reflects your self-protection mechanism. In the face of some inner conflicts, you tend to use self-paralysis. You and your mother are in the wrong. It reflects some of your dissatisfaction with your mother. At the same time, you are telling yourself that some of the ideas in your heart from your elders may not be like yours. It is as indestructible as it was originally thought. Sometimes, breaking old ideas and establishing new ones is the only way to grow. For some conflicts, whether it is the conflict with the mother in real life or the conflict within oneself, it is not enough to escape by self-paralysis. Sometimes, we need to face these conflicts head-on with a more positive attitude in order to be better. Solve the problem effectively.