Dreamed that my boyfriend bit me with a poisonous snake?

What does it mean to dream about my boyfriend biting me with a poisonous snake

In the dream, my boyfriend bit me with a venomous snake, and then came to bite me with the venomous snake, saying that we would die together. I was afraid and refused, so he said he would bite me (he was poisoned, and I would be poisoned if he bit me), but I didn't move and let him bite me. Then somehow I seemed to desperately try to explain to him that I had bought him chocolates. (Female, 22 years old)

Dream analysis: Generally, "poisonous snakes" symbolize "harmful sex", and can also represent poison and harm that have nothing to do with sex. Here, it probably means that he has sexual requirements for you, and the way of expression may make you a little scared. And "chocolate" symbolizes love. The meaning of this dream may be that you rejected his "inappropriate" sexual request for you, but you expressed to him that you loved him.