Dreamed about losing teeth and then pulling them out?

Question: It is said that it is not good to dream about losing teeth, saying that there will be a funeral, so it is urgent. What does it mean when I dream about losing teeth and then pull them out?

Male in 1986, unmarried

Pay attention to buying leather clothes

I dreamed that I looked in the mirror and found that one of the front incisors was loose. I shook it with my hand and it fell off. Suddenly I found that there were two slightly smaller teeth growing in place of the fallen teeth. Teeth, but those teeth are ugly, and the spaces between the teeth are yellow, just like the kind of cigarette stasis that occurs when you smoke too much. Then I woke up.

Another: I smoke in daily life, and my teeth are a little yellow inside.

Also, the stepfather’s mother vomited blood and was hospitalized the night before.

(Dream Interpretation by Zhou Gong www.zGjm.org) Answer:

The loss of teeth and the appearance of new ones usually means that old things disappear and new things appear in life

Since teeth are usually connected to flesh and blood, many dream interpretation books show that there may be problems with relatives, friends and other people who are close to each other

But more often it represents personal growth, just like the changing of teeth when we were young

New teeth don’t look good because they are dissatisfied with new things

I also remind you not to smoke too much, otherwise your teeth will indeed look ugly