Dreamed about killing many people?

I often dream about killing many people.

I dreamed last night that in a lecture theater, I and several other people killed many, many people. I won’t go into details about what happened. It was too bloody and terrifying. Why do you have such a dream?

Dream Interpretation: Killing represents completion, liberation, and decision.

If you dream of being killed, committing suicide or even being beheaded, remember how the whole process made you feel.

1. Many people dream of their own death, but it seems that the person is already dead, but it seems that they are not dead, and the other self is still alive.

This kind of dream means that you want to forget from the bottom of your heart. Maybe you want to get rid of your current environment, get rid of all the troubles of the past, and completely change yourself.

2. If you dream that you are very afraid of death and accompanied by pain, it is likely that you have encountered some troubles recently, which makes you nervous.

Friends who have already encountered trouble should pay attention to solving the matter at hand. Friends who have not yet received trouble should also handle things carefully to avoid trouble.