Dreamed about having a hole in your left ear?

I dreamed that I had a hole under my left ear for no apparent reason in the classroom, and then the blood started to flow. I grabbed some paper and covered it, but I didn’t feel scared, so I walked to the school infirmary. On the way, I crossed a piece of water. On the shore, I saw several male classmates from the university pulling ropes and killing a female classmate of mine (a classmate I hated), but I didn't feel happy. Later I helped her organize her belongings. Later, I arrived at the infirmary building. When I entered, I saw the doctor chatting with someone. He had no intention of stopping, so I stepped forward and interrupted their conversation. I told the doctor that I had a hole under my ear and it was bleeding several times. I had been bleeding for an hour, and the doctor looked at me very confused. I asked the doctor how it was broken, and the doctor said it was caused by the keyboard. Then I looked at the doctor very confused and said, how could it be caused by the keyboard? Well, then I woke up.

By the way, after I helped my classmates pack their belongings, one of my good college classmates gave her a rope to hang a pendant with two small diamonds on it, and she also had one exactly like the one she gave me. . I happily accepted it and hung it on my head. I also asked her to wait for me in the classroom while I went to the infirmary. Please help!

 (www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com) Dream Interpretation: Dreaming about bleeding under the left ear. The left side represents past experiences. The ear can be regarded as a symbol of emotion. Bleeding under the ear represents some past experiences that may be related to emotions. You have brought harm to the soul and going to the infirmary means that the soul needs to be comforted. On the way, I saw a girl being killed by a boy. It can be understood that it is an image of my past, an image that I am not very satisfied with now. After experiencing some emotional things, you grow into a new self, just like your past self died. When you were sorting out your belongings, you got a pendant. This pendant is your evaluation and positioning of yourself. It means that through these experiences, you have grown and gained something. Two small diamonds, two. This number reflects to a certain extent that there are still some conflicts in your heart. The keyboard was broken. The image of the keyboard is somewhat personal and difficult to judge. It may be related to communication.