Dreamed about broken glass?

What does it mean to dream about broken glass

In the dream, it should be the weekend, and our whole family is doing general cleaning together. Everyone has his or her own division of labor. The wife is responsible for the kitchen and clothing; the son is responsible for washing his smelly socks and taking out the trash; and I am responsible for cleaning the windows. Everyone was working hard when suddenly there was a click, the glass cracked and almost fell down. (Male, 31 years old)

Dream analysis: This dream means that although there are joyful things, there may be things that are beyond control. As a man, you should pay attention to "haste makes waste" to avoid losing good opportunities.

Married people symbolize quarrels between husband and wife. The husband should speak softly to his wife, and the wife must be gentle and submissive to her husband. When a young single lady dreams of this, it symbolizes that she is about to get married. You should avoid being tempted by boring men as soon as you indulge in the atmosphere. If a new man appears in front of you, it is best to investigate his origin in advance.