Dreamed about a lot of rice, okay? | Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of a lot of rice, getting this dream is a sign of rich wealth and a successful career. With the help of noble people, the wealth is rolling in, and the people who are doing business in Italy are stagnant in their hearts and come out in their dreams. If you dream of this dream, you will be in a safe situation, you will benefit from the elders, you will be promoted by the nobles, and you will achieve unexpected success and prosperity. Autumn dreams are auspicious, and spring dreams are unlucky.

Dream of an official seeker, it is auspicious to go west, unlucky to go east, a sign of a lot of wealth, career entanglement with others, but windfall.

A newly married man dreamed of a lot of rice, smart, good at observation, a lot of wealth luck, careful handling of things, and help from others. There are unfavorable signs in the main career, and those who seek money must not intrigue with others.

Dream of the elderly is a sign of many unfavorable careers and unfavorable things about wealth. If there is a head-on conflict with others, there are signs of intrigue between each other.

A woman who has just lost love dreams of a lot of rice, which indicates that there are many signs of luck, getting along well with the one she loves, and her relationship may have the meaning of good luck.

A married person dreams of a lot of rice, which is a sign that life is difficult for those who have many entanglements with others.

A person who is pregnant with Liujia dreams of a lot of rice, there are many worries recently, because of the trivial matters of the grandchildren.

A middle-aged woman dreams of a lot of rice, and she is in good health, which is a sign of physical recovery.

Those who are engaged in leather bag manufacturing, garment processing and other related industries dream of a lot of rice, it is unlucky to go north. Things.