What does it means of dream about flying?

I dreamed that I was flying in the sky, and the feeling of flying was very good. I flew higher and higher, the sky was beautiful, I could see so far, as if the whole world could see it...

Hehe~~ Flying in the air, below A lot of people were screaming, thinking they were immortals.

It’s really interesting! I was tired when I passed through the woods, and it was really comfortable to rest on the tree for a while!

Generally speaking, dreams about Mengfei usually have the meaning of breaking through layers of obstacles, overcoming various difficulties, and finally realizing their dreams and allowing themselves to reach a very high level. But in your dream, dreaming that you are flying in the sky, my understanding is more reflected in your positive pursuit and self-planning ability. You have the confidence and ability to realize that lofty ideal in your heart, and as you get closer to your dream, you always want to be recognized by others.

I dreamed that I was tired after passing through the woods, and it was very comfortable to rest for a while, indicating that in the process of continuous efforts, you will also experience mental relaxation and exhaustion. At this time, you may as well take a proper rest, recharge your batteries, and think carefully. , whether there has ever been a deviation from the target, and timely make the most targeted and effective solutions, in order to expect more energy to explode in the next stage, so that you can fly higher.

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