Dream of resignation: Interpret Now! The meaning of resignation in dream

  • When you dream of quitting your job: It indicates that your social fortune is good, and you are no longer so arrogant and disdain to make friends. More time will be spent on making friends, and the work/study at hand will also have a lot of helpers and become smoother.
  • When you dream of quitting your job: It indicates that your financial situation will deteriorate, and there will be a danger of losing deposits. It is often related to more recent gatherings. Please check your financial situation.
  • The person preparing for the exam dreamed of resigning: it means that the scores of the oral exam in liberal arts are not good, which affects the admission score.
  • The person who talks about marriage dreams of resignation: It means that there are many things that will prevent you from getting married, but if you stick to it, you will always be together.
  • The entrepreneur dreamed of resignation: It means that although the business is not smooth, it will also make a profit
  • Pregnant women dream of resignation: it indicates that they will give birth to a boy, and they may give birth to a girl in summer, so they will not travel far.
  • People who plan to go out the dream of resignation: I suggest not to go to the beach, beware, and you can pass this period safely.
  • Dreaming of resignation indicates that you will face some difficulties and pressures in the work, and you should make preparations and preparations early.
  • To dream of a colleague's resignation indicates that he is under pressure at work and is deciding whether to continue.
  • To dream of resigning from a more senior position implies that your life will be further improved and your career will continue to advance steadily.

Psychological suggestions for regretting resignation in dream

At work, because of your sincerity and hard work, you will gain the trust of your superiors. Your sincerity will be more accepted by those around you, and the results of your previous efforts will be easier to show. In the near future, you may be promoted by your superiors.