Dream of parents all died? | What's mean of my parents both died?

Do you ofen dream?
Have you ever dreamed of your parents?
What does it mean to dream of the death of a living parent?
Dream about the death of a living parent?
According to different dreams, it has different meanings.

Dream of alive parents dead that means good things will be come.

Dream of parents dead also means missing someting.
When you dream parents dead that symbolize of yourself instinct are suppressed.

Travelers dreamed that the surviving parents died, and there were obstacles in the middle, and the bit rate was delayed for a few days to return.

Those who went to school dreamed that the death of living parents would result in poor science scores and would not affect the admission score.

Business people dreamed that the surviving parents died, and the hardware and machinery industry benefited the most.

Those in love dream about the death of a living parent and quarrel about a little thing, and explain the misunderstanding clearly.

People in this natal year dream of the death of a living parent, everything goes wrong, beware of friends betrayal, frame, and thrill.

The pregnant man dreamed that the living parents died and gave birth to a man. There are daughters in June and July, and it is safe and smooth.

Dream related dreams of the death of a living parent

I dreamed that my loved one is still alive. Today, you often alienate someone or a certain circle, indifferent to a relationship, and make the other person feel quite confused and uncomfortable. The reason is usually the fear of losing freedom. Think about it, if this relationship goes deeper, will there be another broad passage of life in front of you?

I dreamed that my living father had died. Today you need an audience! You have a lot of doubts in your heart. If the other person can listen to your patience patiently and help you analyze it, the benefits will be modest. Elders or seniors are the objects you can ask for help today. A relatively independent small space is more conducive to your communication. Why not ask the other person to sit out and chat?

I dreamed that the death and resurrection of a living mother meant that your eagerness for money today would lead to the situation of being used by others. Be careful about things that are too easy to get.