Dream Of Being Chased And Killed-Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of being chased by others: It indicates that you will get benefits, such as a promotion or a salary increase. However, you will feel extremely self-blame for the mistakes you made before.

Dreaming that you and your child were chased and killed by others, and then saved by others: It indicates that no matter what the dreamer does, whatever troubles he encounters, it will eventually be resolved smoothly.

Dreaming of many people chasing oneself: It indicates that the dreamer will have difficulties, but the final result is good.

To dream of a very powerful person chasing yourself: It indicates that the dreamer hopes to become stronger.

Dreaming of chasing yourself is an acquaintance: it indicates that there is a problem with your interpersonal relationship recently. Or hint that you will have a dispute with this acquaintance.

Dreaming of relatives chasing oneself: It indicates that the dreamer may be going through a family property dispute.

Dreaming of a teacher or classmate, boss or colleague chasing and killing yourself: It proves that you have been under too much pressure in your studies or work recently.

The boy dreamed of being chased and killed: foretells that he expects others to pursue himself.

Girls dream of being chased and killed: It indicates that you are being loved and pursued by boys.

Dreaming of your family chasing you: It means that family chores are burdensome these days.

Dreaming of chasing yourself: Prove that the positive side of your instinct is condemning your mistakes.