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Dream Of A Car Broken Down-Dream Meaning And Symbol

Dreaming that the car is broken: indicates that your fortune is bad, and you should pay attention to your behavior to prevent being misunderstood by others.

Business people dream that the car is broken: the fortune is unstable and it is not suitable for a big investment soon.

People in love dream of a car broken: it means that they are considerate and treat each other sincerely, and marriage can be accomplished.

Seeking scholars to dream that the car is broken: the recent test fortune is not bad, the test results are very good, it is the result of my usual hard work.

A child dreamed that the car broke down: luck, be careful when playing

The old man dreamed that the car had broken down: the recent fortune was very good. When traveling with his family, everything on the way was very safe.

Dreaming that your car has broken down indicates that you have been more stubborn recently, which will make you lose important partners. It is recommended that you should not be self: righteous, and that proper concessions and compromises will make good progress.

A man dreams that his car is broken: it indicates that the work is going well, there is nothing to worry about, and that he will complete the excess task unexpectedly.

A woman dreamed that her car broke down: indicating that she would go elsewhere for work recently.

The worker dreams that his car is broken: it indicates that the work is not going well, he will be caught in some small troubles, and he will also have the idea of ​​looking for a partner.

The businessman dreamed that his car broke down: it indicated that there would be a stage of reflection and adjustment in his career, and the atmosphere was relatively dull, but his mood had returned to stability, he would spend more time thinking about himself, and would work hard for his goals.

The old man dreamed that his car broke down: it indicates that there will be health discomfort, cold or toothache, etc., usually pay more attention to moving joints, the body will be more stretched.

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