Dream Interpretations about temples and buddha statues!

Dreams of temples and Buddha statues,what does it mean?
Dream of Buddha, is a good sign of success and profit, a symbol of the world's wealth and fame.

Dreaming that you are in a temple or sitting in a temple is a good sign of success or marriage.

Dream of temples, implying that you will have someone to turn to, to help you out of trouble, to help you work and live smoothly.

Pregnant people dream of temples and Buddha statues, indicating the birth of male, autumn accounted for the birth of female, careful to prevent stillbirth.

People who talk about marriage dream of temples and statues of Buddha, which shows that they attack each other's shortcomings and privacy, and marriage is hard to achieve.

The temples and statues of Buddha in the dreams of entrepreneurs represent the smooth flow of money at first, and then the more unfavorable the obstacles become.

People who prepare for exams dream of temples and statues of Buddha, which means they are unstable, unable to concentrate on their studies and unable to achieve their wishes.

People planning to go out dream of temples and statues of Buddha.Don't change your journey.

Psychological advice for dreaming of temples and buddhas

Don't be fooled by all the news around you.Because it is difficult to tell the truth from the false, the ability to judge the truth of information is even more important.One to the more self-assertion of people usually seems that this is not a virtue, but these two days such a personality may be more able to protect themselves from the words of others confused, with the usual personality to face the situation is more favorable one day.

Dreams of temples and buddhas

[dream 1]

Dream of the road one statue of Buddha inclined one side: dream of one of the country road, there is a small river side of the road, a statue of Buddha how inclined down one side, this statue of Buddha in my dream is very clear, is this a laughing Buddha, half folded, sitting on one foot, one foot on the ground half crouched, light golden, passing I saw one can still clearly remember his face.

[dream 2]

Dream of figure of Buddha: dream me and friend in a tunnel, walk to walk me to see foot have what thing literally kicked a foot, a down son that thing of head follow arm all broke, I hurriedly pick up, again carelessly cut finger, I return to.Later, someone came to me with a broken Buddha statue and said it was bleeding.

[dream 3]

Dream of temple argument: my husband's sister with recent conflict to go to the temple, because this thing caused between the master and take charge of the teacher think it is wrong to do that, opportunistic, other teacher thinks that it's ok, don't go against morality, they I know quite a few master, in the noisy red-faced, I just listen, in that dream temple is poor, not so good in the development of reality

[dream 4]

Dream of Buddha statue glowing red: dream of Buddha statue covered with red cloth glowing red light on the ground like maitreya Buddha did not wait to see light ears appear a tinnitus and then feel the body floating up head down to the bottom to wake up and can not wake up struggle next and then ear and a tinnitus wake up

[dream 5]

Dream temples collapsed, dreamed of home temple collapsed, dust, and then and people began to run, before encountered in the process will be magic, she stuck the two children, to safety by his jurisdiction to answer questions, in order to save my child stay, the man who I love and save me, save a success.Then he woke up.

[dream 6]

Dream of don't know how to in his temple: dreamed that he and students don't know how to buy possessed identifiers in the temple in the way I had said in but thought of his forthcoming month classics is outside the door inside the monk asked me why can't I go in I said bad students one will buy it out also help me buy one guanyin out I saw one sky dragon models in rush called classmates I pick up the phone take a picture of the dragon will fall off in another house

Dream of the temple
The duke of zhou dreamed about temples
The woman dreamed of the temple, indicating that her husband's family might encounter misfortune.
Pregnant women dream of entering the temple, the fetus will have problems.
What happens to temple monks
Dream of temple monk: achievement respect luck rise.I am more and more interested in mathematics and physics, which I used to hate.Of course, the average score on the test will also be greatly improved.
Unmarried men and women dream of the temple monk resolution: your love each other will not firm, become no result.
The students dream that the temple monk indicates good exam results, but must continue to work hard.
What happened to the temple being flooded
Dream of temples flooded: bitter quarrels with enemies
The scholar dreamed that the temple was under water.
The unemployed dream that the temple is flooded with water.

Dream of the temple
What does the fire in front of the temple indicate
Dream of temple fire: can make a fortune.
The examinee dreamed that the temple front fire indicated the examination result is good.
Why do you dream of the temple door
Dream of temple gate: will create a glorious beginning
The unmarried dream of the temple resolution: your love for lack of courage and determination and failure.
Candidates dream that the temple door indicates an average score.
Divorced or widowed person dreams the temple door wants to go far, midway may have an accident, had better cancel.
What do you mean by burning incense in the temple
Dream of burning incense in the temple: can escape from the palm of the impostor.
Unemployed dream of burning incense in the temple bodeful near future financial aspect: avoid money loss.
Single people dream of burning incense in the temple.But do not indulge in sensual gratification, or the relationship will break down.
A woman dreams that burning incense in a temple indicates a long journey.

Dream of temples, implying that you will have someone to turn to, to help you out of trouble, to help you work and live smoothly.
Men dream of temples, which may indicate career or environmental instability.
The merchant dreamed that he would enter the temple and his business would suffer great losses.
Dream of others into the temple, all difficulties will pass.
The patient dreamed of temples, suggesting that his illness would worsen.
If you dream of entering a temple or sitting in a temple, you will have great success or get married.
The pregnant wife dreamed that she was entering the temple, reminding you to be careful and careful, the fetus may have an accident.
Dream wife entered temple, indicate husband and wife life harmony, happiness.
Dream that the enemy enters the temple door, indicates that you will defeat the enemy.
Dream of temples resplendent, more symbol of success;If the temple in the dream is quiet and solemn, it implies quiet and tranquil life

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