Dream Interpretation on Ant Nest!

The dream of an ant nest indicates that the dreamer is going to have a lot of trouble, and that he or she will not be able to do things smoothly and will be completely out of shape because of his or her constant thinking about these troubles.

The merchant dreamed that the ant nest indicated that the dreamer's business would be prosperous, but he would be very busy, so he should pay special attention to his health condition and not be too tired.
Employees dream of ant nest indicates that the dreamer's usually hard work performance will be seen in the eyes of the leadership, can get the appreciation of the superior leadership, there are opportunities for promotion and salary increase.

Farmers dream of ant nests as a sign of good weather and a bumper crop.
Men's dreams of an ant nest indicate that the dreamer is going to have a lot of little things going on, leaving you no free time to do your own business.
Women who dream of an ant nest dream that the dreamer will have a lot of pursuers and will be obsessed with them.
The merchant dreamed that the ant parade would be a great business.
Dream of being surrounded by ants and dying.
The dream of ants running around on top of their heads or in their homes is a good sign for farmers, meaning good weather and saving crops after a long drought.
People who dream of having ants in their water, milk or other beverages suffer from visceral diseases.
Dream of a family member or relative living in a foreign country coming to your dinner table.
I dreamed that ants in my bed would become seriously ill.

Men dream of ants
Men dream of ants: worry about chores
Single men dream of ants. The relationship seems calm, but in fact both parties are quite sensitive and value their feelings. There is the possibility of developing a sexual relationship. Couples are prone to minor conflicts that need to be resolved in a timely manner.
Be about to interview man dream ant advocate apply for a job: apply for a job lucky, easy answer can win the appreciation of the other side. In addition, innovative performance can often help you surprise.
Men in business dream of ant owners of money: money and marriage, partner related, may interfere with the financial plan. Accidents are common when investments involve contracts.

Dream of a swarm of ants
Dreaming about ants is a sign that you're going to have a problem. It's a small event, but it's a tricky one to deal with. Be careful about representing rivals in your relationship, which can get in the way.
Dream of an ant in its mouth with a white thing in its mouth, or something to eat, is auspicious. The dreamer will be rich and happy.
Dreaming of a bird chasing an ant is a sign of trouble to come.
It is a good sign that the dreamer will pay off his debts or recover soon. Unmarried people marry soon, and one after another are cheerful.

Dream of ants crawling over you
Dream of ants crawling over you: very good interpersonal relationship. Casual joke, just like everyone's appetite, your popularity will be greatly improved.
The student dreamed of ants crawling over him.
Married people dream of ants crawling out of the body, there are problems, it is best to stop

Lots of ants
Dream a lot of ants: the wish in the heart may come true. If you have something you want to buy, ask for it. Even if it's expensive, you can probably get it
A man dreams that a lot of ants are in the near future.
The retired man dreamed a lot of ants.
If a single man or woman dreams of lots of ants, their love life is likely to be stable.
Lots of ants: bad luck in intelligence. Your academic record will drop dramatically. However, you can't cheat in the exam
Single people dream of a lot of ants boding your love: have the courage not to hesitate, will be successful.
A lot of ants in the dream indicates that the students will do badly in the exam this time and will do better next time.
Lots of ants: friendships will deteriorate. The classmate that cannot get along at ordinary times, the likelihood has sinister plan to you, careful do not fall the trap of person somebody else.
Don't fall in love just for the sake of loneliness. Time is a devil, and time will go on and on.
Dream of a lot of ants: exam can get excellent
Looking for a job people dream of a lot of ants are interviewing for jobs: job hunting; You are lucky enough to get opportunities and appreciation easily. But it's easy to make unrealistic, somewhat idealistic choices.
Women dream a lot of ants are your fortune: good luck.

Lots of ants in the house
Dream of many ants in the house: will establish friendly relations with people who are respected and respected by the people.
Beg scholar to dream a lot of ants are academic respect in the house: you can choose the method that cram for a last-minute study, do not fear an exam, go up in agile problem nevertheless suffer a loss, cramming thing you are absolutely no problem, but want to apply mechanically the agile discipline of formulary like science department, do not hold too big desire.

The duke of zhou dreamed about ants

Good luck to the ant. Ant is a strong spirit of cooperation of animals, dream of ants is a auspicious.

Dream of ants may encounter many troubles the next day, tracking these troubles, will find everything goes against.

Dreaming of an ant parade indicates that you may travel abroad and possibly live abroad. Your trip will not only be smooth, but also safe and comfortable.

The merchant dreams of an ant parade, which is a sign of prosperity.

Dream of an ant with something to eat or something white in its mouth.

The presence of ants in water, milk, or other beverages during a dream indicates that the dreamer may suffer from internal organ disease.

A dream of ants on a dinner table indicates that friends or relatives living overseas may visit.

Dream of ants on your bed, may be seriously ill, especially to pay attention to the recent diet.

People in hospital beds dream of ants, indicating that the disease will not get better in a short time.

Dream of ants panic, crawling around, it is a bad omen, means that foreign danger will break their own happiness and peace, need to be on guard.

Dream of being surrounded by ants, dying imminent.

Farmers dream of ants running around on top of their heads or in their homes, a good sign that good weather is coming, and that the drought-stricken crops will be saved.

Dream of ants or ants fight everywhere, if you dream of being attacked to see one side has the upper hand, indicates that the dreamer will soon pay off the debt, or physical recovery, good one after another; If the dream to see the attack side was killed, it implies that the dreamer will encounter disaster, seriously ill or facing bankruptcy crisis.