Dream interpretation of a 21-year-old girl?

What does it mean to dream about a 21-year-old girl?

I am from Zhengzhou. I have just celebrated my 21st birthday in the Year of the Rabbit. I am female. I graduated from college last year. I am unmarried. I am an e-commerce person. I believe in ghosts and gods. My father, mother, sister and brother are my youngest. My sister and brother are married. , I am unmarried. I like to read novels, sleep, play games, find a friend to chat, or find a secluded place to lie down and think about nothing. I have good interpersonal relationships and no hostile people.

I’ve had dreams before, but I can’t remember them. But I was very clear about last night’s dream. I dreamed of a classmate who was about to go to Suzhou and went to his home together. The model number was also with the company. We lived in the same place, and I was envious of the environment. Later, we went out to eat together, and then they broke up. I saw a few small white bugs on my left hand. Half of them were in the skin, and the other half were Outside, I used my right hand to pull them out one by one and threw them to the ground to trample them to death. There were red scars on my left hand. On the right side of my thumb nail, I cut a fat insect alive and threw it to the ground. I even told my classmates what was going on. . . . . . . . .

 (www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com) Dream Interpretation: When I go to a classmate’s home, I envy the environment here. Home can be understood as a state of life. You are envious and yearn for a state of life, or in other words, you are looking forward to a state of life. Emotional relationship, and this kind of state or relationship does not exist in your current life. Going to eat together refers to the yearning for emotional life, which was later broken off. The expression is not easy to understand. I think you are talking about eating later. The scene of the thing suddenly ended. Before, it could be seen as hope for a love life, and then it turned into feelings about the current situation. I saw a bug on my left hand. There was no more description of the bug. I guessed that the bug should be a nematode or a fleshworm. Insect, left symbolizes the past. The plot here can be understood as that in terms of emotions, your mind and even body have had some unhappy experiences. Pulling them out and throwing them away but leaving scars on your hands is to express your feelings. Although The experience is in the past, but some traces remain. As we grow, we will have various experiences. What has passed has passed. We might as well regard it as a lesson in growing up, so that we can become more mature and stronger, and more prepared to move towards the life we ​​long for.