Dream about thighs? Dream Interpretation by Duke of Zhou What does it mean to dream about thighs? Is it good to dream about thighs?

What does it mean to dream about thighs? Dreaming about thighs, okay? Dreaming about thighs has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about thighs organized by www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com below.

Dreaming of a thigh injury indicates that there will be property losses.

To dream that your thighs are not in control indicates that you will encounter financial difficulties, turnover will not work, and your life will be in trouble.

A young woman dreams of praising her thighs, implying that she has a strong inner vanity, but be careful not to be fooled by other people's rhetoric.

Dreaming of plump thighs may be a sexual dream, indicating sexual desire.

Dreaming of sitting on the lap of the opposite sex indicates that there will be love that will excite you.

For a young woman to dream of holding someone in her lap, foretells that she will be severely reprimanded.

Dreaming that there is a giant snake coiled on her lap means that she will be in danger of being controlled by the enemy and humiliated.

To dream of a cat lying on her lap, foretells that she will meet a tricky rival.

Dreaming about a hole in the thigh, if the hole is on the upper part of the thigh, it may indicate the dreamer's inner fear of sex or repressed desire. But if the hole is deep, filled with bones, dripping with blood, and very scary, it reminds you to pay attention to your physical and mental health.

Dreaming that you have an artificial leg means that you are selfish and often consider your own interests, and forget the sacrifices made by your friends for you.

To dream of ulcers in your legs means that you will help others at your own expense.

To dream that you have three or more legs indicates that you have great ambitions, and you will intervene in things that are beneficial or unfavorable.

To dream that your legs must be amputated, suggests that you will lose the help of many friends, and the influence of your family will be a heavy burden on you, making you feel that life is a torture and has no fun.

To dream that your legs are clean and good-looking indicates that you will be happy in the future and have many honest friends.