Dream about taking a train to various places?

Hello, master. I often dream about going somewhere by train, about being on a train, about a station, and often about water, a river, or a pond. I often swim freely in the water, and my water quality is very good. I often dream that I am very good at "qinggong" and often jump up and down on the roof or wall.

(Dream Interpretation by Zhou Gong www.zGjm.org) Dream Interpretation: The three kinds of dreams are relatively short, without too many details, so it is difficult to analyze them in detail. Let’s briefly talk about the general symbolic meaning. Taking a train, the train can represent a kind of social interaction. Relationships, such as emotional relationships, work relationships, etc., can also represent a collective environment, such as a work environment, or opportunities. You can ride on it, and it will take you from one state in your life to a new state. The station is the "station" of life. A turning point is a milestone in the development of life, from one stage to the next. For more specific situations, it is necessary to learn from the people or things you see on the train in your dream, and what you have experienced. events to analyze.

Water, including rivers, lakes and seas, is usually a symbol of emotion. Swimming in water can be understood as bathing in emotional life.

"Qing Gong" is very good. It may be to express that in real life, there are some situations that make you feel dissatisfied and sometimes make you feel powerless. When this kind of emotion appears, you often have the ability of "Qing Gong" Appearing in a dream, I hope you can enhance your abilities in the dream, get off the ground, and leave the reality that makes you dissatisfied.