Dream about small fish eating big fish

According to Zhou Gong’s interpretation of dreams, I dreamed of small fish eating big fish

Dreaming about big fish eating small fish indicates that problems between relatives will be more difficult to solve! Today you'd better not think that problems with relatives and partners, especially financial problems, are easy to coordinate. Because we know ourselves and our enemies, conflicts often lead to further harm to each other! People I'm close to have been a little careless recently, but the feelings are always there. As long as you don't go too far, there will always be room for maneuver in the future!

The good or bad fortune of dreaming about big fish eating small fish: the foundation is solid, the situation can be a little stable, and there is temporary success, but unless the perseverance is strong and durable, it will be difficult to make great progress, and the body and mind will be hard, so it is easy to get sick. Brain and lung diseases. 【Good luck and bad luck cancel each other out】

Dreaming about fish eating fish means that you will probably spend the day feeling dizzy. Your spirit seems a little nervous, especially when facing some big occasions, you tend to make mistakes. In addition, you may meet someone by chance today.

The good or bad fortune of dreaming about fish eating fish: the situation will be safe, you can escape disasters, you will have good luck and success, you will develop smoothly, and you will have good configuration. However, you are only afraid of people and places. If there are bad numbers: the family will become a lot of misfortune, because of this The worries that lead to failure can be avoided if there are no unlucky numbers. 【Dajichang】