Dream about Resigning from Work- Dream Meaning and Interpretation

  • Dream of resignation

It means that the dreamer is currently under a lot of pressure in work and life, which makes you a little powerless.

  • Office workers dream of resignation

It implies that you are suffering from tremendous work pressure and intend to retreat. You might as well consider it as a test. Perhaps you can end the work by persisting for a while.

  • The patient dreamed of resignation

It symbolizes that the dreamer’s illness is currently showing signs of recurrence. As long as you can face it positively and cooperate with a good doctor, there will be surprises and no dangers.

  • The person who is in love dreams of resignation

It indicates that you are still some distance away from getting married and that you will encounter some obstacles in the process of walking. I hope you can cheer together and overcome these difficulties.

  1. Dream that you are a manager and then resign

Explain that your current work-life will be further improved, and you will have good luck in the future.

  1. Dream that you are going to resign and the boss does not approve

It indicates that you are now very capable of working and are the right-hand man of your boss.

  • Dream of a colleague resigning

It means that you are facing a choice, whether to face the difficulties and withstand the pressure or to retreat from the whole body to be released, you must choose carefully

  • Dream that you have resigned

Remind yourself to deal with interpersonal relationships soon, don't quarrel with others, and control your temper.

  • Dream of being replaced after you leave your job

It indicates that your current job is difficult and you cannot finish it perfectly. In fact, you just need to try your best and pay attention to your physical condition.

  • Suggest:

Recently, you have been living under pressure, which makes you feel a little breathless. Life has lost its original color and vitality, and you spend every day in torment. It is recommended that you relax your mood, find the right way to release your emotions, look at the world from another angle, discover some beautiful moments in life, restore the color and vitality of the past, and face it positively. Life makes the world colorful.