Dream about pregnancy and menstruation

Dreaming about pregnancy and menstruation

Dream about pregnancy and menstruation: bad luck. Because I trust my friends very much, I did not expect that my friends would frame me. This is the consequence of careless sex.

Looking for a job and dreaming of being pregnant and menstruating: You are in good luck. I feel that the competition in the job market is fierce, your funny for performance is constantly increasing, and you will be able to win with your strength.

A single person dreams of pregnancy and menstruation: bad luck, he will be involved in many romantic relationships with the different in nature, and will be exhausted from dealing with them, and will not get what he wants.

Migrant workers dream about pregnancy and menstruation: they are in good luck and their performance at work is very good, so they will be highly praised by their leaders.

A businessman dreams of being pregnant and menstruating: The financial fortune is good, there are many channels for unexpected income, and the accumulation can be a good income. .