Dream About Perfume|Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of perfume indicates that you will begin to be noticed by people around you.

A married man smells perfume, which means that your income will increase and your body will become stronger.

A married woman dreams of smelling perfume that will give her husband more energy and family harmony.

Unmarried men and women smell the perfume, which means that you may still be unable to find the person you like for a while, and feel a little lonely inside.

Dreaming of spraying perfume on your clothes indicates that your family expenses will increase significantly.

To dream of spraying perfume on other people's clothes means that you will be promoted.

Dreaming of spraying perfume on your lover's clothes indicates that you will win the heart of the other person and that your love will make good progress.

The wife dreamed of spraying perfume on her husband's clothes, indicating that you will give birth to a beautiful boy and the family will be more harmonious.

Dreaming about buying perfume means that you are very popular, many people like you, and someone will help if you have difficulties.

Dreaming of going to a perfume store to buy perfume, surrounded by a dazzling array of perfume bottles, suggests that you want to establish friendships with leaders and upper-level authority figures.

To dream of opening a perfume shop to sell perfume indicates that interpersonal relationships will bring you wealth, and not only make yourself rich but also your relatives and friends will benefit from it.

Dreaming of spraying perfume means that you want to fall in love, or you might want to have a one-night stand.

Dreaming of clothes stained by perfume or foul smell indicates that there will be enemies, or that sex is not as good as imagined.

To dream that you accidentally broke the perfume indicates that you will eat something that once gave you a lot of fun.

Dreaming of breaking a bottle of perfume indicates that even if your most cherished wish seems to have a happy ending, the true ending is disastrous.

Dreaming of jasmine perfume means that you will enjoy exquisite pleasure, but this pleasure is fleeting.

Dreaming of spraying perfume on your clothes indicates that your recent interpersonal relationship is troublesome, and getting along with others is not going well. You should be more humble.

A man dreams of spraying perfume on his clothes: indicates that you are very anxious at work recently.

A woman dreams of spraying perfume on her clothes: means that you remember to pay attention to the health of your family and yourself soon, and remember to spend more time with your family, which will help you improve your relationship.

The worker dreams of spraying perfume on clothes: indicates that you have a lot of learning machines soon, and the seniors in the industry will teach you many skills.