Dream about lost mobile phone-17 Dreams Interpretation

To dream of losing your mobile phone: You have recently lost a group of important customer resources. The reason for this situation may be that your colleague accidentally destroyed it.

A married woman dreams of losing her mobile phone: You will gradually feel that your life has lost some of the fun. You are unwilling to continue this kind of life and want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

An unmarried woman dreamed that her phone was lost: You may have encountered a mysterious gift recently, and you don't know who the gift is. You'd better decide carefully whether you should accept it.

An unmarried man dreams of losing his mobile phone: You will miss a good marriage recently. You need to reflect on yourself when you have conflicts with the other party because most of them are caused by your cognitive problems.

An unmarried woman dreamed of losing her mobile phone: You have recently lost a belief, which may affect your life. You need to stick to it when you encounter difficulties and keep your beliefs.

The businessman dreamed that the phone was lost: You may be deceived in a recent transaction, and your wealth will be affected by a small part. It's best to keep an eye out when dealing with others these days.

The doctor dreamed that the phone was lost: All the diagnoses you have made recently are very correct. Don't be proud, you need to keep a clear and calm mind at all times.

The clerk dreamed that the phone was lost: Don’t go to your current job recently, it is likely to be a scam.

If you are pregnant, you have lost your dream: you need to do some exercise, because your long-term sitting may cause the fetus in the abdomen to have an incorrect fetal position.

Dreaming that the phone was thrown into the water: Recently you will get a sum of money, which makes you very happy.

To dream that your mobile phone is broken on the road: You may be about to move, and your landlord may start to renovate the house.

I dreamed that the phone was lost and found again: Because of your calm performance, your boss decided to reuse you.

To dream of losing a bad phone: someone will solve your current troubles soon, and you need to maintain an optimistic attitude.

Dreaming about the loss of your mobile phone address book: Your complicated interpersonal relationship makes you feel very headache. You may not be able to stand the pressure and prepare to resign and change to a new environment.

To dream that your mobile phone was stolen by a thief: You may lose a certain amount of money recently, and your life will be affected as a result.

Dreaming of losing your mobile phone and making a call: Recently you will feel anxious about some things, and it may cause some stress in your heart.

To dream that your phone was lost and picked up by someone else: If your body is suffering from a certain disease at this time, then this will be good news, and your disease is about to leave you.