Dream about losing teeth in a fight?

Dream description:

I dreamed of fighting with someone I didn’t know. I fought with him desperately all by myself, and my teeth were knocked out. I was very angry in the dream. What’s the explanation?

Duke Zhou’s interpretation of dreams:

Fighting in the dream represents the release of one’s own dissatisfaction. Fighting with strangers in the dream represents the invisible pressure one faces, that is, the invisible pressure oneself face in work or life leads to subconscious thoughts. The dissatisfaction cannot be released, so it will be released in the form of fighting in the dream. Dreaming about losing teeth in a fight means that this kind of pressure is borne by oneself alone, without friends to help.

In addition, Dreaming about losing teeth in a fight also symbolizes problems in interpersonal relationships. Teeth grow in the mouth. As the saying goes, "articulate" refers to a person who is very good at talking when interacting with others. Therefore, teeth are closely related to a person's interpersonal communication. If you dream of losing teeth or loose teeth, it is likely that you You may have a quarrel with someone, or you may be in some kind of interpersonal trouble, which makes it difficult for you to speak, or you may be annoyed that you are always not good at speaking in certain situations.